Department of Health Cell Phone Warnings

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The California Department of Health has been forced by the courts to release 2008 documents that it has tried to keep hidden from the public.

 These documents reveal the health hazards caused by radiation from cell phones, cordless phones and bluetooth, and the extent the CA Dept of Health wanted its employees to go to, to avoid getting sick from radiation exposure.

Before you think how thoughtful it was for the Dept of Health to be so concerned about the health of their employees, think again. The Dept of Health was purchasing these technologies in mass for employees who were to use them for work related purposes and most likely was interested in protecting themselves from future lawsuits.

The Cell Phone Guidelines documents were distributed to the 3000 plus employees at the Dept and began as such:
"Recent published summaries of epidemiological studies of cell phone and cordless phone users suggest that over ten years of heavy use there is increased risk of malignant brain cancer and a kind of benign tumor in the inner ear..."

The Cell Phone Guidelines documents go on to list the precautions the Dept of Health could take when ordering these technologies. Here are a few of those precautions mentioned:

1. The Dept could ask for the intensity of the electromagnetic frequencies emitted by the various brands of devices and choose the ones with the lowest electromagnetic fields.

2. The Dept could ask manufacturers toprovide earpieces with ferrite rings to reduce the intensity of the EMFs.

3. State employees could avoid purchasing cordless phones for office use.

The Guidelines go on to list some precautions employees could take during use of the devices to lessen their exposure levels. Here are a few of those recommended precautions:

1. For employees that are not on constant call, beepers could be used in place of cell phones, as beepers are receivers rather than transmitters and hence emit less EMFs.

2. Cell Phones could be kept at arms length during use, on speaker phone. When carrying on your person, the back of the phone should be facing away from the body, as the transmission enters through the back of the phone. If the phone is placed with the back of it against the body, the signal is sent through the body.

These are quite incendiary revelations, as we have Government Agencies currently espousing the safety of all things wireless, including cell phones, bluetooth, cordless and the soon to be rolled out 5G Tech.

CA State fought hard to keep these documents from the public, as this might lead people to question not only the safety of the continual use of these devices, but why they are being sold to us without any focus on the precautions that the CA Dept of Health was telling their employees to take back in 2008.


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