This is Your Brain on Bluetooth

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The official word regarding Bluetooth is that any level of exposure to Bluetooth frequencies is safe. A closer look at the research shows otherwise.

Most people who use Bluetooth don't have a clear understanding of what it is they are using. Many of these people are under the false impression that Bluetooth radiation is safer then cell phone radiation.

Again, a closer look at the research shows otherwise.

Bluetooth is a system that allows the wireless transmission of data over short distances. As Bluetooth radiation does not have the power to travel the same distance as cell phone radiation, it seems like it would be a safer alternative than cell phone radiation.

Not so.

Recent studies have found that lower levels of radiation can induce neuron death even faster than higher levels. Some independent scientists feel this might be due to the fact the resonance of the body is more akin to these lower levels, making their ability to disrupt the body that much greater.

The frequency used by Bluetooth is the same microwave radiation frequency used to cook food in a microwave oven.

The wattage of the radiation for microwave cooking is a lot stronger than the wattage of the radiation used for data transmission via Bluetooth, but as scientists are learning, lower wattage will not cook the water in your body and make you into dinner, but it will destroy neurons in your brain even faster than its stronger counterpart.

The typical Bluetooth device used on the ear emits 0.23 W/Kg of radiation. This wattage is 100 times higher than the wattage found to cause the blood-brain barrier to leak. Wattages as low as 0.002 W/Kg have been found to cause the blood-brain barrier to leak after as little as two hours of exposure. 

What is even more disturbing is the findings that the leakiness of the blood-brain barrier continues even after the radiation has ceased. Some studies show the effects of radiation of this type keeping the blood-brain barrier leaky for anywhere from 14 to 50 days.

The blood-brain barrier's purpose is to protect the brain. A leaky blood-brain barrier leaves the brain susceptible to being invaded by pathogens as well as being poisoned by heavy metals and chemical toxins.

A leaky blood-brain barrier has been cited as a possible cause of Autism as well as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and Dementia.

This is your brain on Bluetooth.

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