WiFi Radiation in Schools Disrupting Learning

Advocates of WiFi use in schools point out the learning advantages associated with children having easy access to the information WiFi provides throughout the school day. What these advocates of WIFI in schools don't know is that the microwave radiation emitted by WiFi has been shown to disrupt learning.

 A 2014 Bioinitiative Report has found that the microwave radiation emitted by WiFi acts as a biological stresser on both the body and the mind. The Report goes on to state how clinical studies have found that children exposed to WiFi for several hours at a time begin to exhibit changes in behavior.

Hyperactivity, disorientation, problems concentrating, irritability, anxiety and distraction are just a few of the behavioral changes seen.
According to one of the founders of the Bioninitiative Report on WiFi in schools, "It is essentially an experiment on children's health and learning."

The Report goes on to cite that over 68% of studies conducted on the effects of microwave radiation on the body show it affecting the nervous system. There have even been studies done showing a direct link between ADHD and exposure to microwave radiation.

In addition to ignoring the potential health hazards of exposing school children to microwave radiation, which has been classified as a carcinogen- a cancer causing agent - by the World Health Organization, WiFi in school advocates are ignoring the evidence that WiFi in schools can make it harder for a child to learn.
The Report concludes by stating, "Microwave radiation from wireless tech disrupts thinking- what could be worse for learning?"

Source: http://www.bioinitiative.org/new-studies-show-health-risks-from-wireless-tech/ 

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