EMF/RFR Exposure Linked to Autism

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A 2013 study out of the Neurology Department at Harvard University has concluded that there is a definitive link between EMF and RF Radiation exposure and Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC).

While previous studies have cited strong evidence for a possible link between EMFs/RFR exposure and Autism, the Harvard Study states that their is conclusive evidence of this link.
The evidence, they say, is based on the physiological changes that happen to the brain in Autism. These changes are the same exact changes that happen to the brain when exposed to strong EMF/RF fields.

In Autism, there is a marked increase in oxidative stress to the brain. The oxidative stress leads to the formation of free-radicals, which ten leads to the immune system launching a defensive, inflammatory response.
Exposure to strong EMF fields and/or RFR will produce the same chain of events in the brain.

On a cellular level, the membranes of those with Autism malfunction. This leads to cellular starvation as well as cellular toxicity, as cells ar unable to receive nutrients as well as expel toxins. Cellular membranes show the same dysfunction when exposed to EMF/RFR.

Another physiological change that occurs in Autism is a change in mitochondrial activity. Mitochondria are the engines inside each cell which produce energy for the cells to use. Those with Autism have slowed mitochondrial activity, resulting in lower energy production and the host of symptoms, both physical and mental, which go along with this.
After exposure to EMF/RFR, mitochondrial activity is slowed.

The study goes on to point out the rise in Autism over the past two decades parallels the rise in the use of technology and the EMF/RFR exposure which it brings.

In Autism Spectrum Disorders it is the nervous system that is affected. Seeing as the nervous system is electrical in nature and uses electrical impulses to send and receive information, it makes sense that a disruption in nervous system function would result from exposure to electromagnetic fields.
The study concludes that a definitive link exists between EMF/RFR exposure and Autism and that current safety limits need to be re-evaluated, as the rise in exposure to EMF/RFR seems to be contributing to the enormous rise in Autism Spectrum Disorders.


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