Is RF Radiation the Toxin behind Autism?

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New research has pointed to Autism being caused by an unknown environmental toxin. A 2003 Medical Hypothesis by Dr. Robert Kane has pointed to Radiofrequency Radiation as being that environmental toxin.

Scientists now recognize that RF Radiation is a biologically active substance. This means that exposure to RF radiation can alter the basic biological functions of the body.
Kane suggests that the exponential rise in RF radiation over the last several decades is altering the biological functioning of the baby's developing brain while in the womb.  These alternations, according to Kane, could be contributing to Autism.

Studies have proven that exposure to RF radiation causes the following:
cognitive impairment
memory deficit
DNA damage
changes in chromosomes
fetal malformation
increase in blood-brain barrier permeability
In the womb, it is the amniotic fluid which serves to protect the baby from various sources of radiation. However, continual movement of this fluid often leaves the baby without any protection from incoming radiation. As the pelvis absorbs radiation deeply due to its structure, use of cell phones and wifi during pregnancy could be seen as a potential toxin that the medical community is not yet fully aware of.

Kane concludes that more research is needed but warns expecting mothers to take precaution when exposing themselves and their unborn baby to RF radiation.


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