Link Between Fetal Exposure to Radiation and Autism

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Researchers have determined that "radiofrequency radiation is a biologically active subtance." This means it has the ability to affect the biology of a living organism.

Prior to 1980, the amount of radiation the average person was exposed to was very low. Low levels of radiofrequency adiation came from sun exposure. These low levels of solar radiation were what man developed with over the ages and they served to bolster the body, rather than weaker it.

Man made sources of radiation became prevalent at the end of WWII. Microwave radiation was introduced into the  Military in the 1940s and gradually made its way into the retail market, first with the introduction of microwave ovens and then with the widespread use of cell phones and wifi.

Prior to 1980, 1 in 10,000 children were diagnosed with Autism. By the year 2000, the number had grown to 1 in 400. While many will argue that the rapid increase is due to doctors being better able to diagnose this disorder, others will attribute the rise to the increase in childhood vaccines and the adjuvants (heavy metals) they contain.

While both these theories are considered extremely viable by many researchers, it is the consistent linear rise in Autism since 1980 that has led some scientists to speculate that the changes in behavior and development seen in Autistic children could very well be connected to that child's exposure to radiofrequency radiation, beginning as early as the womb.

Prior to 1980, environmental exposure to radiofrequency radiation was limited. After 1980, the amount of radiofrequency radiation in the environment began to steadily increase each year with the advent of wireless communications and the advent of microwave based consumer goods.

The increase in cases of Autism since the 1980s parallels the consistent rise in overall levels of radiation in the environment. Being biologically active, radiofrequency radiation has been shown to cause cognitive impairment, sensory disorders as well as a weakening of the blood brain barrier.
Researchers concluded:

"During gestation the possibility of embryonic and fetal damage is increased as mothers-to-be utilize and are exposed to the emissions from RF radiation devices."  


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