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US Naval Research: EMFs Alter How Your Body Functions

US Naval Research: EMFs Alter How Your Body Functions

Editors Note: The following articles and from EMF Blues.  Check them out here.The US Naval Medical Research Institute has conducted over 2300 studies on the effects of EMF and EMR on the human body. Many of these studies date back to the 1970s.

The potential for harm from exposure to these fields was already being studied over 40 years ago, as many of these studies date back to the 1970s. The published reports from the Naval Research Institute clearly point to these fields causing a myriad of adverse health conditions.

 In terms of overall physiological changes to the human body, here is a list of 10 Physiological Changes that were found to occur when subjects were exposed to low levels of EMR.

1.Liver Enlargement
2.Altered Menstrual Cycles
3.Altered Fetal Development
4. Decrease in Renal (Kidney) Function
5.Altered Sex Ration of Births (more girls)
6. Decrease lactation in Nursing Mothers
7. Dilation of Blood Vessels (redness)
8. Decrease in Blood Flow Rate
9. Striated Muscle Contraction (cramping)
10. Alteration of the Biocurrent (EEG) of the Cerebral Cortex

Although the mainstream narrative continues to suppress the facts regarding the potential health hazards of EMF/EMR exposure, the Navy has conducted a plethora of well funded research on this topic. Unlike the Telecommunications Industry, who also funds EMF/EMR studies, the Navy has no conflict of interest- as they are not retailing consumer products which emit these fields.

Source: Naval Medical Research Institute Report #MF12.524.015.0004B

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