How Cell Tower Radiation Alters Your Biology

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Cell Tower radiation is known as Radio Frequencey Radiation (RF) or Microwave Radiation (MW). To date, much has been published on the adverse biological effects this type of radiation has on both plant and animal life.
One such published article came out in 2000 by The International Conference on Cell Tower Siting and was titled "RF/MW Bioeffects and Adverse Health Effects".
The published article found studies showing the following changes in biology to be associated with exposure to Cell Tower radiation:
  •  - Sleep disorders and insomnia, reduced REM Sleep
     - Altered White Blood Cell Activity in School Children
     - Decreased sperm count
     - Reduced Insulation Production
     - Headaches, Tinnitus, Spacial Disorientation
     - Slowed Motor Skills and Reaction Time in School Children
     - Blood-Brain Barrier Changes and Altered Brain Activity
     - Impaired Nervous System Activity
     - Increased Heart Rate and Blood Pressure
     - Decreased Immune Function
     - DNA Damage in Human White Blood Cells
     - Loss of Concentration and "Fuzzy Thinking"
The International Conference of Cell Tower Siting is responsible for sharing ideas regarding the establishing of safe guidelines in terms of location of Towers.
In the USA, the FCC regulates the location of Towers. They do not work on the premise of RF radiation affecting the biology of living organisms, they are a communication agency which governs the establishment of Towers based simply on practicality of furthering wireless communication.
The FCC is not taking into consideration the biological changes induced by this type of radiation . Maybe it is time a health orientated agency became responsible for overseeing the erection of Cell Towers in the USA.
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