Are Modern Diseases Caused by Electricity?

There has been a meteoric rise in degenerative diseases since the start of the 20th century. Cancers, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases have been growing among the population since the 1920s. While many blame this rise in disease to poor diets lacking in important nutrients as well as increasing numbers of immunizations, growing toxicity levels as well as a decrease in breastfeeding, there is one scientist who feels this rise in degenerative disease is due to the widespread use of electricity.
While the first successful electric light was created in the 1880's by Thomas Edison in his New Jersey lab, it was not until the early 1900s that widespread use of electricity was found. Of course, it was the urban areas that were the first to get electricity.
Coincidentally, it was these same urban areas who first began experiencing higher levels of disease. A 2010 study conducted by researcher and Medical Doctor Samuel Milham found that the cancer rate in 1930 was 58.8 percent higher in urban areas than rural areas. By this time, the urban areas had been electrified.
"Nationally, the total cancer rate in 1930 was 58.8 percent higher in urban than in rural areas.This pattern indicates that the twentieth century epidemic of cancers and cardiovascular diseases was not caused by lifestyle variables as is commonly assumed, bit rather by EMF exposure and probably dirty electricity." -Dr. Samuel Milham
The 2010 study went on to show that not only disease but also high suicide rates were linked to areas of electrification.
As the human body is electromagnetic in nature, it is not odd to find that the start of the widespread use of electricity also coincides with the beginning of a growth trend in degenerative disease.
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