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A 2008 published article in the Journal of Industrial Medicine points to a correlation between dirty electricity in the classroom and cancer rates amongst teachers.

Almost 10 percent of the school teachers who worked at La Quinta Middle School were diagnosed with over 18 different types of cancer, including thyroid cancer, brain cancer and breast cancer. Three teachers had died of the disease at the time of the study.

Cancer Cluster Linked to Dirty Electricity
The cancer cluster that happened in La Quinta was investigated and it was found that the teachers who contracted the cancers taught in classrooms that were measured to have high levels of dirty electricity. In La Quinta, 51 classrooms had dirty electricity readings above 2000 units. An average level for dirty electricity should be around 100 units.

What is Dirty Electricity?
Dirty electricity happens when electrical current is interrupted as it travels through wiring. This interruption leads to the creation of high-frequencies. These high frequencies are now traveling along wiring that was designed to carry only lower frequencies, in the USA these frequencies being 60 Hz.

This results in many transient types of frequencies being emitted from the wiring that are disruptive to the body's own electromagnetic field.

Sometimes, dirty electricity can occur due to faulty wiring that produces arcing or sparking. Dirty electricity is also created by many of today's electrical appliances which utilize the interruption of current to produce a desired effect.

Electrical Appliances That Emit Dirty Electricity:

light dimmer switches
fluorescent bulbs
halogen bulbs
electronic transformers

electrical equipment that utilizes switch mode power supplies
Smart Meters*

*The continual pulsing of the Smart Meter may also contribute to the creation of dirty electricity, in addition to the RF radiation emitted by Smart Meters.
Dirty Electricity Travels Throughout Wiring

If certain electrical equipment in a building is generating dirty electricity, this dirty electricity can travel throughout the entirety of the building's wiring. In addition, if an outside piece of electrical equipment is generating dirty electricity, this dirty electricity can be carried into the building and spread throughout the wiring.

The study concluded that the high levels of dirty electricity found in various classrooms was attributed to a nearby electrical substation that was experiencing faulty wiring, hence producing large amounts of dirty electricity that was entering the school and concentrating in classrooms closest to the substation.

Source: "Dirty Electricity" by Samuel Milham, MD

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