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Smart Meter Manufacturers Warn Shareholders

Smart Meter Manufacturers Warn Shareholders

Editors Note: The following article is from EMF Blues.  Please check them out here.

Smart Meters are the new digital version of utility consumption measurement devices for electricity, water, and gas. They are replacing traditional analogue meters at an outstanding rate.

Many people are unaware that their analogue meters have been replaced by a digital Smart Meters. 

Smart Meters emit the same type of radiofrequency, microwave radiation as cell phones.

Smart Meters are designed to work within a system. the Smart Grid. They constantly seek to connect to nearby Smart Meters, transmitting wirelessly data about energy use. This system of Smart Meters increases the overall density of manmade pulsed radiation both indoors and outdoors.

The installation of Smart Meters in a neighborhood will drastically increase the levels of environmental radiation.

The Santa Cruz, CA County Board of Supervisors recently declared Smart Electric and Water Meters to be “health hazards, safety and consumer fraud risks.”  The Santa Cruz, County Board of Supervisors when on to state that the companies installing these Smart Meters are subjecting residents to “privacy, security, health, accuracy and consumer fraud risks of the unproven Smart Meter technology.” 

Itron, a manufacturer of Smart Meters, has warned shareholders of potential lawsuits related to health damage caused by Smart Meters.
“We may face adverse publicity, consumer or political opposition, or liability associated with our products…We may be subject to claims that there are adverse health effects from the radio frequencies utilized in connection with our products. If these claims prevail, our customers could suspend implementation or purchase substitute products, which could cause a loss of sales.”

The peer-reviewed science on Smart Meters has found increased cancer, immune system damage, and headaches after exposures to the radiofrequency radiation.

At this time, there is no moratorium on the installation of Smart Meters. The installation of Smart Meters is an automatic 'upgrade' done by the utility companies without the permission, or in many instances even the knowledge, of the property owner or resident.

We recommend checking to see if your analogue Meters have been replaced with Smart Meters. If you can get your analogue Meters back, we recommend doing so. If not, we recommend clearing your Smart Meter and protecting your home from the Smart Grid radiation coming from the network of Smart Meters in your neighborhood.


Health Risks Posed by Smart Meters

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