The 5G Network

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5G is a new wireless network that is being rolled out across the globe. It will not replace the current networks in use but will be an additional network. 5G is necessary for the Internet of Things. The IoT is the interconnection of all wireless devices to form an 'electronic grid'.

5G uses a type of radiation that has never before been employed for public use. However, these waves - called high millimeter frequency waves - have been used as an EMF Weapon by the Department of Defense for crowd control.

This EMF Weapon, called the Active Denial System, beams high millimeter wavelengths directly at crowds. Those who are hit by the beam feel as though their skin is burning and run to escape the sensation, thus breaking up the crowd.

While these frequencies have been employed for use in EMF Weapons, they have never been tested and proven to be safe for public use. To date, 5G radiation has undergone no testing.

Millions of 5G Antennas
Unlike the current networks, these new high millimeter 5G frequencies are unable to travel long distances. Therefore, 5G requires having large amounts of antennas placed throughout communities.

Millions of 5G antennas are to be built near homes, schools and public buildings.

According to the Environmental Health Trust (EHT), "The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) estimates that hundreds of thousands of these wireless antennas will be built in our rights-of-way, directly in front of our homes."

5G Fast-Tracked

In an attempt to speed up the installation of the 5G Network, new legislation has been introduced that is designed to streamline the process by bypassing local governments.

"Communities are being told that it is necessary to build “small cell” towers in neighborhoods in order to offer 5G, a new technology that will connect the Internet of Things (IoT)," states the EHT.

In many instances, local governments and the will of their constituents are being ignored, as 5G antennas are installed near homes, schools and hospitals without consent.
Health Risks of 5G
With no prior testing, 5G radiation enters the marketplace as an 'experiment'.

While the immediate effects of 5G might not be as obvious as when high millimeter waves are employed at high strengths for crowd control, independent scientists and researchers voice concern that the long-term effects of this radiation will be very detrimental to health.

According to the EHT, "5G will increase ambient levels of wireless radiofrequency radiation. Peer-reviewed research has demonstrated a myriad of adverse effects from wireless radiofrequency radiation including increased brain cancer, DNA damage, oxidative stress, immune dysfunction,  altered brain development, damaged reproduction, sleep changes, hyperactivity, and memory damage."
5G New Environmental Pollution

Worldwide, doctors and scientists are calling for the immediate halt of the roll-out of 5G. They are referring to 5G as a new type of 'environmental pollution' and are requesting governments stop the installation of 5G until it can be proven safe.


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