How You Can Reduce ELF-EMF In Your Home

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ELF-EMFs are defined as "extremely low frequency (ELF) electric and magnetic fields (EMF), with frequencies from 3 to 30 Hz". In today's high-tech world, ELF-EMFs are found everywhere - in homes, schools and workplaces.According to the CDC, "...major evaluations of the evidence for health risks from exposures to occupational and residential ELF-EMF have been published since 1999."

The Environmental Health Trust , a non-profit EMF Watchdog Group, has issued some basic guidelines which can be used in the home or office to help lessen you and your family's exposure to ELF-EMFs. Here is a synopsis of EHT's Guidelines:
1. Do not keep electronics on your lap, legs or belly. Always keep devices on a table so as to avoid the device coming into direct contact with your body - with EMF fields the strength of the field greatly diminishes with distance.

2 Do not sleep near any charging device, including a charging cell phone or a charging laptop. Always charge devices away from sleeping and living spaces. Try to charge devices during the day as opposed to the night to lessen your exposure to EMFs during sleep. Charging generates high EMFs near the cord and batteries.

3. Avoid using your cell phone or laptop while they are charging, as charging dramatically increases the EMF field. Always unplug the laptop once it is charged and ready to use.

4. Corded electric alarm clocks run very high EMFs. Using a battery-operated alarm clock will greatly reduce your exposure to EMF fields while sleeping.

5. Avoid sleeping with your head or body close to a wall that houses technology on the other side - such as Electric Panels, Electric Meters, Microwave Ovens, TVs and Refrigerators.

6. Unplug appliances and all electronics when not being used, such as TVs and microwave ovens. This will reduce their EMF field. Alternately, use a power strip to plug all appliances into and then switch off when not in use. In addition to lessening ELF-EMF exposure, these tactic also reduces energy consumption

7. Remove all electronics from bedrooms and nurseries that are not imperative to have. Be mindful of clearing the bed or crib area of a nursery.

8. Avoid sleeping with electric blankets and heating pads, as they both emit strong EMF fields. If you do use an electric blanket to warm up your bed, unplug it before sleeping. Turning it off alone will not stop the EMF field, but unplugging it will.

9. Do not stand near a microwave oven when it is on. A better option is to consider using a toaster oven over a microwave oven whenever possible.

10. Reduce the EMFs from bedroom wiring at night during sleep by 'flipping' the switch on the Breaker Box for the bedrooms. EMF Kill Switches can be installed and will allow you to shut off electricity to sleeping areas for EMF reduction and improved sleep.

Reducing Exposure In The Home

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