The Electronic Grid And The Internet of Things

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The Internet of Things has become a buzz phrase which is heard often but not fully understood. The Internet of Things will use 5G to create an electronic grid that connects everything to everything else. This electronic grid is being called the Smart Grid.

While the focus with the Internet of Things is usually on how it will increase quality of life through enhancing 'connectivity", there is little focus put on exactly how this electronic grid is to be implemented and what, if any, are the potential side-effects of creating a planetary electronic grid.

Arthur Firstenberg is a Cornell educated mathematician who has been researching and studying the effects of electromagnetic frequencies on life since the 1970s. He has authored several books and papers on electromagnetism.

According to Firstenberg, the Internet of Things is being made possible through the launch of tens of thousands of new satellites into the ionosphere. The ionosphere is the lower part of the earth's magnetosphere. Some of these satellites will be orbiting as close as 210 miles from the earth's surface, making their impact on the earth even more significant due to proximity.

The companies that are launching these satellites into the ionosphere will be contributing to the formation of the electronic grid for the completion of the Internet of Things. The electronic grid, at its completion, will cover every square inch of the planet.

As data travels faster in space, all cell towers and 5G small cells will be transmitting their signals to satellites in space, which will then redirect the signals back to the earth. To make sure the electronic grid is able to reach remote areas on the earth, "user terminals" will be mounted on houses and cars, acting as small cell towers for those who live in rural areas. Permission to install over 1 million  of these "user terminals" has already been granted to several companies by the FCC.

All of the thousands of new satellites being launched for the formation of the Internet of Things will use "phased arrays, beam-forming technologies, and millimeter waves with frequencies from 10 GHz to 80 GHz, just like 5G antennas on earth".

Firstenberg states that "the earth’s electromagnetic envelope—the magnetosphere—will be massively polluted. Millions of pulsed, modulated digital signals covering 80 GHz of spectrum will be emitted day and night into the magnetosphere by tens of thousands of satellites, each emitting multiple laser-like beams directed at the surface of the earth".

Millimeter wave technology (5G) is at the core of the electronic grid. Back in 2001, Ukrainian scientists were already warning about the use of these types of frequencies. Their research showed that these types of high frequency waves had the ability to alter the resonances of living cells, potentially impacting all life on earth.

A current of electricity flows at all times through the ionosphere and down to the earth. This natural 'electrical grid' is one that all life on earth has lived in presumably since the beginning of time. As electrical beings, we undoubtedly, according to Firstenberg, utilize this electrical energy coming into the earth from the ionosphere to 'power' our bodies. This natural 'electrical grid', Firstenberg argues, is the potential basis for the life force of man that is referred to as Chi in Oriental Medicine.

The introduction of tens of thousands of satellites into the ionosphere that will be continuously emitting and receiving 5G signals will create a massive shift in the natural EMF field on the earth and, according to Firstenberg and other scientists, will adversely effect all life on earth, from people to animals to insects and plant life.

Prior to 1968, there were no satellites in space. In 1968, the US Military launched 28 satellites into space. In 1998, 66 satellites were launched into space to provide cell phone service.

The launch of tens of thousands of satellites transmitting 5G signals to the earth has begun in 2020 to complete the Internet Of Things. The amount of electromagnetic pollution entering the earth from these low-orbit satellites is unprecedented in the history of mankind. In a few short years, if the formation of the electronic grid is continued as per schedule, the earth's own EMF field will be replaced by man-made electromagnetic frequencies.

Firstenberg is among the many independent researchers who is warning that this drastic shift in the earth's EMF field could lead to a massive destruction of life on the planet.

To date, over 220,000 scientists and researchers have signed a Petition begun by Firstenberg for Science Professionals imploring governments to stop the roll out of the electronic 5G grid and the Internet Of Things.

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