Renowned Professor Says "Stop 5G"

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Professor Anthony B. Miller, MD, FRCP, CM is a Professor Emeritus at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto, Canada. On February 12th, 2020, Dr. Miller released a public statement on 5G in which he calls for an immediate moratorium on its roll-out.

Here are some highlights from Professor Miller's statement...
History of Radiation
The introduction of radar during World War II ushered in the use of technologies that emit radiofrequency radiation (RFR), also known as microwave radiation. Since that time, human exposure to radiofrequency radiation has increased more than 100,000 fold.

The ill effects of radiation exposure were initially seen in the death of Marie Curie in 1934. Marie Curie was a Nobel Prize winning scientist whose work with radiation led to her death from aplastic anemia - a condition in which the bone marrow fails to produce adequate amounts of blood cells. Although exposure to toxic chemicals can also lead to aplastic anemia, for Marie Curie, exposure to radiation through her work was known to be the cause.

In addition to Marie Curie's untimely death in the 1930s, during the 1940s strange illnesses began appearing in factory workers whose jobs exposed them to radiation. Russia coined the term Microwave Sickness to describe this new epidemic.
Concerns About Safety
As Professor Miller points out in his statement, the health of the public has always been of concern for policymakers when dealing with potential exposures to radiation and Microwave Sickness. This concern led to the 2011 decision of the World Health Organization to classify Radiofrequency Radiation as a Group 2B Carcinogen, which means it is labeled as a 'possible' cancer causing agent.

According to Professor Miller, more studies have been done since 2011 which prove that RFR is a 'known' Carcinogen and that the WHO should be adjusting their categorization to reflect this. However, if this change was implemented, it would affect the entire Telecommunications Industry, potentially halting the roll-out of 5G and even affecting the legalese regarding retail sales of cell phones, bluetooth, and all other wireless devices.

The 5th Generation
On 5G, Professor Miller states that it is an under-researched technology that operates at higher powers than previous networks and has the potential to lead to a host of illnesses as well as loss of optimal immune function.

"The range and magnitude of potential impacts of 5G technology are under-researched, although important biological outcomes have been reported with the associated millimeter wavelength exposure to RFR. These include oxidative stress and altered gene expression, effects on skin and systemic effects such as on immune function, all of which highlight the need for research before population-wide continuous exposures occur."

Due to ability of structures, rain and foliage to block the high millimeter waves that are 5G, it is necessary to install many small antennas (which are actually cell towers) throughout neighborhoods and communities to allow the network to transmit.

Professor Miller points out that 5G is not a stand alone technology and is designed to work with the previous Generations, such as 3G and 4G. So, 5G will not be replacing previous Generations but adding to them, thus dramatically increasing the amount of background radiation.
Saturated With RFR
Professor Miller addresses the fact that individuals can control the environments in their own homes by choosing not to utilize 5G wireless technologies, but the incoming radiation from 5G small cell towers is outside of their control.

"With the people who manufacture these devices and those who promote small cell technology in front of homes failing to issue adequate health warnings, we are reaching a situation where homes, schools, and workplaces are being saturated with radiofrequency radiation."

All without the consent of the homeowner, school or place of business.
5G Moratorium Essential
Based on current research regarding radiation exposure, Professor Miller is calling for an immediate halt to the worldwide roll-out of 5G:

"Thus, to avoid a potential epidemic of cancer caused by radiofrequency radiation from small cell transmitters and other devices, and heart damage, brain damage and infertility, we should introduce means to reduce such exposures ...

Those who support the introduction of 5G should recognize that no insurance agency (including Lloyds of London) will cover them against liability from ill health effects caused by radiofrequency radiation.

A moratorium on the roll-out of 5G is essential."

Statement on Health Effects of 5G By Anthony B, Miller

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