FCC Says No To Modifying Radiation 'Safe' Levels

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NTP Study Finds Cancer Link

On the heels of the results from the 10 year, 30 million dollar National Toxicology Program study on cell phone radiation funded by the National Institute of Health, many experts in the field of science began urging the FCC to revisit their current radiation 'safety' guidelines.According to the results of the NTP study, cell phone radiation at the current permissible levels was found to increase tumor growth in lab animals. The study used levels of radiation that currently fall within the FCC's guidelines.

In a statement released in early December of 2019, the FCC said they will not be revisiting or modifying their 'safe' levels for radiation, as they do not see a need to do so.

FCC A Captured Agency?

According to many experts in the sciences, law and politics, the FCC is a captured agency, as it is currently run by many who have held high positions in the Telecom Industry. So, while the FCC is supposed to be looking out for the welfare of the people, many accuse the FCC of, instead, looking out for the profits of the Telecom Industry.

Joel Moskowitz, director of the Center for Family and Community Health in the University of California at Berkeley’s School of Public Healt, had this to say about the FCC and their refusal to update their radiation 'safe' levels to reflect the current data:

“The FCC has no health expertise and relies upon Federal health agencies, especially the FDA, for advice about RF exposure limits. However, these agencies have lacked the requisite expertise to provide this guidance as their radiofrequency (RF) health experts retired or took industry jobs...In the past decade, these agencies have failed to monitor the vast and growing body of peer-reviewed research that documents adverse health effects from low-intensity exposure to radiofrequency radiation. Rather, the Federal government has increasingly relied upon advice from engineers and scientists with conflicts of interest and industry lobbyists.”

Telecom Industry Says No Proof of RF Health Hazard

The CTIAwhich is a trade association representing the US Wireless Industry, had this to say about the FCC's decision:

“We appreciate the FCC’s ongoing oversight as well as its careful review of the science and the findings of expert organizations such as the Food and Drug Administration, which has stated that ‘the weight of scientific evidence has not linked cell phones with any health problems...As the FCC states, ‘no scientific evidence establishes a causal link between wireless device use and cancer or other illnesses.’”

Kevin Mottus, outreach director for the California Brain Tumor Association, made this comment:

"Clearly the FCC should update their safety guidelines. Other countries have guidelines that are up to 1,000 times lower than ours. The guidelines are based on research and agency analysis before 1996. I do not understand what the FCC is basing their recommendation on...I do know that the FCC is a highly industry captured agency and they do not have a health department or expertise to properly assess this issue. The FCC cites advice from other agencies including the FDA who do not have programs to actively investigate and carefully assess this issue. I think the public and companies that rely on wireless technology should take action to take authority over this question away from the FCC because we have clear evidence that wireless RF radiation all along the spectrum is bioactive and has non-thermal biological effects which are not being taken into account by our current FCC guidelines.”

FCC Also Asked To Stop 5G Roll Out

In addition to urging the FCC to update its current radiation 'safe' levels that have been in place since 1996, many scientists, doctors and researchers are asking the FCC to pause its roll-out of 5G, as there have been no studies done on how this new type of millimeter wave radiation might affect the body, as well as the eco-system at large.

In regards to 5G, Dr. Devra Davis, President of the Environmental Health Trusthad this to say:

"There are numerous incorrect assumptions about the nature of millimeter-wave exposure from 5G. Chief among these misconceptions is the notion that because the signal only gets 1/64th of an inch into the skin the signal is unlikely to have any major biological impact."

FCC's Official Statement on RF Exposure Limits

The FCC has not yet directly commented on 5G, but did circulate this statement in regards to the current radiation exposure limits:

"We find no appropriate basis for and thus decline to propose amendments to our existing limits at this time. We take to heart the findings of the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), an expert agency regarding the health impacts of consumer products, that ‘[t]he weight of scientific evidence has not linked cell phones with any health problems.’ "

FCC Maintains Existing RF Exposure Limits

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