Cell Phone Radiation Damages DNA

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The ten year 30 million dollar study conducted by the US National Toxicology Program concluded that exposure to radiofrequency radiation (RFR) as emitted from cell phones causes cancer. The study found an increase in both brain and heart tumors in the lab animals exposed to the radiation as opposed to the controls.

However, just recently, the NTP made an update on their site.

The update is to inform the public that the results of their ten year study also showed that exposure to cell phone radiation causes DNA damage.

In regards to the public's understanding of the effects of RFR radiation, and in alignment with the current 'safety' levels, National Toxicology Program scientist Michael Wyde has stated, A lot of people believe unless you heat tissues, you won’t see health effects with RF. This study disproves that as we did not have over heating but we did see damage.

DNA Damage Caused By Cell Phones
While the initial NTP report focused on the increase in tumors in lab animals exposed to the radiation, there was little mention of the damage to DNA that was seen.

This damage was seen in both the blood and the organs of the lab animals. Damaged DNA is a known precursor to cancer. If a cell that has its DNA damaged is unable to repair and does not die, it will replicate with the damage. This can lead to tumor formation.

The EMF Watchdog Group the Environmental Health Trust reports:

"As a follow-up, NTP submitted a manuscript accepted for publication in October 2019 that evaluated DNA damage in three regions of the brain, the liver, and in blood cells in rats and mice that were removed at an earlier timepoint from the ongoing 2-year toxicology study. DNA damage, if not repaired, can potentially lead to tumors."

The main areas the NTP study found that showed the highest levels of DNA damage in the lab animals, were in the frontal cortex of the brain in male mice, the blood cells of the female mice and in the hippocampus of male rate.

NTP Says Additional Studies Needed
The NTP states they plan to conduct ongoing studies regarding the ability of RFR exposure from cell phones to damage DNA. They said they will also be looking to study the effects of 5G radiation on lab animals in the near future, as they do not know how the higher millimeter wavelength that is 5G will affect the body.

The big take-away from the NTP updates is the fact a government agency has admitted that radiation too low to cause thermal heating of tissue has been now shown to not only cause tumor growth but to also cause DNA damage.

Current 'safety' levels set by the government for radiation exposure are based on the assumption that if the radiation is too low to cause tissue heating, it does not cause any damage to the body and, therefore, is safe. The findings of the NTP study have now officially challenged that old paradigm, proving that low levels of radiation cause damage to DNA.
Based on the new updates on the NTP site, it seems that it is only a matter of time before there is a concerted effort by the scientific community to force the governing agencies to update their current 'safe' radiation levels, as the NTP study proves they are anything but safe.

A change in RFR exposure 'safety' levels would have a drastic impact on the current wireless technology market, including the new 5G network.

DNA Damage From Cell Phones

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