EMF Myths 'Busted'

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Myth 1:
There is no hard evidence that wireless radiation is harmful.

A recent $30 million dollar, 10 year study was conducted by the US National Toxicology Program on the effects of cell phone radiation. According to the NTP's own analysis of the data, they found 'clear evidence of tumors in the heart, brain and adrenal glands' of the lab animals that were continually exposed to the radiation.

Myth 2:
Although the World Health Organization has classified wireless radiation as a Group 2 Carcinogen, there is no real need for concern, as Group 2 substances are described as 'probable' carcinogens.
Group 2 Carcinogens do include toxins that have been shown to pose real health threats. Lead, DDT and Choloform are all Group 2 Carcinogens.

Myth 3:
Only ionizing radiation (x-rays) and levels of radiation high enough to cause heating to the tissues cause damage.
Studies have shown for years that levels of microwave radiation that are too low to cause tissue heating cause adverse biological changes to occur in the body. DNA breaks have been shown in studies to occur at levels of radiation exposure far below that which is needed for thermal heating or for any type of x-ray..

Myth 4:
Since the radiation emitted from cell phones, WiFi, cell towers, Smart Meters and Bluetooth falls within the current International Safety Standards for radiation, it is safe.
These safety standards are outdated and have not been changed to reflect the current scientific knowledge base regarding wireless microwave radiation. These safety standards are based on the now dis-proven theory that radiation needs to cause thermal heating of tissue to be dangerous to health.

Myth 5:
Despite the rise in the use of wireless communications, there has not been a correlating rise in brain cancers.
Studies that look at a minimum of 10 years of use of wireless do show an increase in brain cancers. The Interphone Study looked at cell phone use for 10 years with as little as 30 minutes of use a day and found there to be an increase in brain cancers. Radiation and its effects are cumulative, studies that look at less then 10 years of use are the studies that find 'no' increase in brain cancers.

Myth 6:
TV and Broadcast Towers have been emitting wireless radiation for years and they have been deemed safe.
Epidemiological studies and surveys have found an increase in cancers among the population living in close proximity to both TV and Radio Broadcast Towers.

Myth 7:
We get more radiation from cosmic radiation than we do from cell towers and WiFi.
The amount of natural, cosmic radiation one is exposed to on a regular basis is very small, almost negligible, in comparison to the amount of man-made background radiation currently in our modern environments.

Myth 8:
When your cell phone is shut off, it is no longer emitting radiation.
Even when cell phones are switched off, they are still performing internal functions such as location whereabouts and time keeping and will continue to emit small amounts of radiation. This is why it is possible to still trace a cell phone even if turned off.

Myth 9:
Double-blind studies have shown that people who claim to be Electrically Sensitive can not tell whether the signal for EMFs is on or off.
There is a high drop-out rate for EMF studies among those who are Electrically Sensitive, as they become debilitated from the exposure and are unable to complete the study. Hence, many of the studies with Electrically Sensitive people do not include those who are most Electrically Sensitive in their outcome.

Myth 10:
The authorities say there is no known health effects from EMFs at this time.
Many governmental authorities in Europe and Israel have begun to restrict the use of wireless communications by removing wireless internet from schools, hospitals and other public places. Certain government authorities have also restricted the use of cell phones in schools and have set safety guidelines regarding their use, in an attempt to protect the health of their citizens.


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