Simple Ways To Reduce EMFs In the Home

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1.  Replace Cordless Phones with Wired Phones

Cordless Phones have been found to emit the same type of wireless microwave radiation as cell phones. If you use a cordless phone and have several handsets for it, the antenna on the base station of the phone is emitting wireless signals to connect with the handsets. This means wireless radiation is streaming through the home, as well as being focused near your head if using a handset.

The alternative to cordless phones are wired phones. They can still be found online and they can be purchased with long cords to give you some flexibility with movement.

2.  Replace Wireless Internet Connections with Wired

Go back to hardwired Ethernet connection for internet, if possible. If you must use a wireless connection, choose a low-powered wireless router and try to place it several feet from where people spend time. Avoid placing wireless routers on desks and in bedrooms.

3. Replace Compact Fluorescent Bulbs with Incandescents

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs and Fluorescent Lights emit UV radiation. These lights have been shown to increase one's exposure to radiation by as much as 30% over several years of consistent use. Headaches, eye problems and even certain types of carcinomas have been linked to their use.

Replace CFLs with incandescent bulbs to reduce EMF exposure.

4. Replace your Microwave Oven with a Convection Oven

Microwave ovens leak radiation as well as create high magnetic fields. The older the microwave oven, the more radiation it is likely to leak. There is also evidence that the radiation that heats the food also changes the food's composition. Convection Ovens cook food faster than regular ovens and do not emit dangerous microwaves.

5. Replace Dimmer Switches

Dimmer Switches emit a wide rage of radio-frequencies when turned on. To reduce EMFs in the home, replace all Dimmer Switches with the On/Off Toggle switch, which does not emit radio-frequencies.

6. Replace Plasma Screens with LCDs

Plasma Screens emit a wide range of intermediate frequencies that can cause both audible interference (white noise) as well as dirty electricity. LCD screens emit weaker intermediate frequencies. With both Plasma Screens and LCD Screens, it is recommended to keep a distance of 3 feet between you and the screen, to lessen EMF exposure.

7. Choose a Non-Metal Bed Frame

Metal frames have been found to increase one's exposure to EMFs, especially if they come into contact with electrical wiring. They have also been found to re-radiate wireless radiation. Opt for wood bed frames and try to avoid metal coils in the mattress, as these have been found to alter Static Magnetic Fields.

8. Use Battery Powered Electrical Alarm Clocks

Electric Alarm Clocks that plug into the socket have been found to emit strong electrical and magnetic fields. Battery-operated Alarm Clocks do not emit magnetic fields and have weaker electrical fields. Move the alarm clock as far away from the bed as is practical, even when using battery-operated clocks. For those who are very electrically sensitive, go back to wind-up clocks.

9. Use 3-Prong Plugs Rather than 2 Prongs

With 2 Prong Plugs, the electricity is not grounded and it can contribute to a higher voltage level. Use 3-Prong Plugs whenever possible, as the they ground the electricity, which helps reduce the electrical field.

10. Replace Your Kindle eBook Reader With A Sony Pocket Reader

The Kindle uses wireless communications by default. If using a Kindle, the wireless can be disabled and a USB Cable can be used to transfer. The Sony Pocket Reader uses a wired USB Cable, so there is no wireless radiation emitted.


Precautionary Measures to Reduce EMF Exposure

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