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What is Electrical Hypersensitivity?

What is Electrical Hypersensitivity?

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Electrical Hypersensitivy (EHS) is a condition in which one or more the following symptoms are experienced when one is exposed to any type of electromagnetic field.

Neurological Symptoms:
Dizziness, Headaches, Memory Loss, Concentration Difficulties, Depression, Anxiety, Fatigue, Numbness, Tingling, Joint Pain, Insomnia

Cardiac Symtpoms:
Shortness of Breath, Heart Palpitations, Irregular Heart Beat, High Blood Pressure

Visual Symptoms:
Pressure in the Eyes, Cataracts, Blurred Vision, Gritty Feeling in Eyes, Eye Pain, Light Sensitivity

Auditory Symptoms:
Hearing Loss, Ringing in the Ears

Skin Symptoms:
Rashes, Burning, Itching

Scientific Explanations for EHS Symptoms
While there has been no scientifically proven thesis on the reasons exposure to EMFs produce symptoms, a review of the massive body of literature on EMFs has led researchers to the following explanations regarding the distinct symptoms Electrical Hypersensitvity produces:

Reasons for Headaches:
"Opening of the blood-brain barrier, effects on the dopamine-opiate systems of the brain, and blood cell clumping."

Reasons for Cardiovascular Problems:
"Calcium efflux in animals' hearts; Arrhythmia in animals; Tachycardia in double-blind study with DECT cordless phones. High blood pressure found in double-blind studies."

Reasons for Psychosomatic Problems:
"The RNCNIRP 2011 mentioned that a number of papers published in 2010 showed immune response to RF EMF and that chronic RF EMF exposure may lead to "borderline psychosomatic disorders."

Reasons for Memory Loss:
"Reduced synaptic activity in hippocampus neurons; Memory loss and neuronal death observed in rats."

Reasons for Insomnia/Sleeping Disorders:
"EMF reduces levels of melatonin; 3 hours of exposure prolongs latency to reach first cycle of deep sleep, and decreases stage 4 sleep."

Reasons for Depression:
Affects blood levels of serotonin.

Reasons for Numbness/Tingling:
Certain types of EMFs have been found to destroy the Myelin Sheath covering the nerves. The Myelin Sheath acts as an electrical insulator and allows for transmission of nerve signals to take place.


Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

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