The Scientific Literature on Wireless Radiation Shows...

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All wireless devices emit a type of wireless radiation known as radiofrequency radiation, or RFR. Countless peer-reviewed studies have found adverse health effects linked to exposure to wireless radiation.

According to EMF Watchdog Group The Environmental Health Trust, "These effects have occurred at wireless radiation exposure levels hundreds of times lower than presently legal international limits. These effects have occurred after exposure to devices that are government approved and legally sold to the public."

Medical Doctor Ronald B. Herberman had this to say regarding the known science behind the adverse health effects of wireless:

"A disservice has been done in inaccurately depicting the body of science, which actually indicates that there are biological effects from the radiation emitted by wireless devices, including damage to DNA, and evidence for increased risk of cancer and other substantial health consequences…The public the world over has been misled by this reporting.

Documented Adverse Health Effects
The Environmental Health Trust has listed some of the many adverse health effects scientific studies done on wireless radiation exposure have shown.

Fertility & Reproduction

"Consistent evidence from experimental research, epidemiological studies, in vitro (cells) laboratory studies, and in vivo (animal) studies shows that RF exposure is associated with reduced sperm count, motility and concentration, as well as DNA damage and altered cell structure. Research also shows damage after wireless exposure to the ovaries of rats and mice, as well as changes in the eggs of flies and birds."

Neurotoxic Effects
"Experimental research shows chronic exposure to wireless reduces brain cells and causes brain cell death in the memory and learning centers of the brain. Cell phone radiation has also been shown to alter brain activity in humans. In 2011, NIH research found just 50 minutes of a wireless transmitting device (cell phone) next to the brain increases glucose in the part of the brain most exposed. Preliminary 3G and 4G research has further shown that non-thermal levels of this radiation alter the brain’s electrical activity."


Cognition and Impaired Memory

"Yale University research found prenatally exposed pups had impaired memory, increased hyperactivity, and altered brains—consistent with a growing literature. Many studies have now demonstrated that wireless signals can damage cognitive abilities such as learning, memory, attention, and reaction times.

'We have shown that behavioral problems in mice that resemble ADHD are caused by cell phone exposure in the womb,” said Dr. Hugh Taylor of Yale Medical School. “The rise in behavioral disorders in human children may be in part due to fetal cellular telephone irradiation exposure.' "

Hearing Loss

"Research in humans shows that chronic mobile phone usage results in high-frequency hearing loss and inner ear damage. Research has also shown a significant risk of tumors on the auditory nerve in the brain (acoustic neuromas). Experimental research with rodents shows signs of neuronal degeneration in the auditory system after exposure."

European Commission On Wireless
“Waiting for high levels of scientific and clinical proof before taking action to prevent well-known risks can lead to very high health and economic costs, as was the case with asbestos, leaded petrol and tobacco.”  —The European Commission


Scientific Research on Wireless Health Effects

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