FCC Says No To Updating Cell Phone Safety Levels

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A 30 million dollar National Toxicology Program (NTP) study done by the US government and published in 2018 revealed that the current 'safe levels' for cell phone radiation are anything but safe.

The animal study showed that when exposed to levels of radiofrequency (RF) radiation that were at or even below current safety levels set by the FCC, animals grew tumors in both their brains and their hearts.

On the heels of the published study, the FCC was asked to re-examine the safety levels regarding cell phone radiation exposure and update them to fit with the current science. At this time, the FCC has refused to make any changes to the radiation safely levels, claiming the current regulations regarding cell phone radiation are adequate.

Cell Phone Safety Levels Outdated
The first cell phone safety levels were set in 1996.This was before the release of the consumer cell phone. In 1996, a cell phone cost an average of $3200 in today's money and was used primarily for military, medical and business. The average call duration was for 6 minutes.

So, obviously, a lot has changed since 1996.

The cell phone has been mass-marketed to the public, is often in the hands of or very close to babies and young children. In addition, unlike the cell phone of yesteryear,  cell phones are kept on or near the body continuously throughout the day and often set by the bed during sleep.

In addition to the availability and use of the cell phone changing dramatically since 1996, the science has changed as well. Studies since 1996 have proven that low level exposure to RF radiation as emitted by cell phones can cause the growth of tumors. These studies destroy the myth that has been propagated by the Telecom Industry since 1996, which is the myth that it is only the thermal heating aspect of radiation that is detrimental to the body.

For radiation to heat the body, the levels must be high. Therefore, under the current thinking regarding cell phone safety levels, since cell phone radiation is too low to cause thermal heating of tissue, it is concluded that the radiation has no adverse health effects on the body. However, the 2018 NTP study has proven this to be erroneous. The NTP study is documented science that clearly shows tumor growth caused by levels of radiation that are too low to cause tissue heating.

France Updates Cell Phone Regulations
The French government has been on the forefront of making the necessary legal changes regarding cell phone usage and their citizens. It was the French government who broke the Phonegate scandal around 2017. Having collected data on cell phone radiation emission levels, they revealed that most of the cell phones tested did not pass safety regulations but emitted more radiation than was legally permitted. Phonegate also revealed how this happened. Apparently, there was heavy manipulation done during the testing processes of the phones to be able to state their radiation emissions were within current safety guidelines.

After breaking Phonegate, the French government began restricting the use of cell phones in schools by children. To date, the French have banned cell phones in elementary and middle schools as well as on playgrounds. They have also taken action to remove all wifi from schools.

New Safety Levels For Cell Phones Needed
Just like the French are making adjustments based on the new information that has been gathered over the past twenty years by science, EMF Expert Dr. Devra Davis feels the US needs to follow suit.

As Dr. Devra Davis, President of Environmental Health Trust, points out in her Chicago Tribune article from August of 2019, Americans would not accept flying on airplanes that were following outdated safety guidelines set over 20 years, so why should they accept using cell phones that are being regulated according to old science?

The new science on RF radiation has been documented. Current radiation levels allowed by cell phone regulations have detrimental biological effects on the body, with the NTP study clearly showing tumor growth. In her article, Dr. Davis seems to be wondering just how long it will take for the regulations to catch up with the science.


FCC Needs To Update Its Cell Phone Tests

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