EMF Tips For Healthy Sleep

Good sleep is probably the most important addition to a healthy lifestyle. Often overlooked, good sleep will do more for the body than any supplement or superfood, or even exercise. For sleep is the time that the body uses to repair and heal.  There is evidence that cells clean themselves during sleep, and it appears the mind cleans itself as well through dreams.

Our modern lifestyle has created an epidemic of sleep deprivation. People are sleeping less while spending more time online and on their phones, as our fast-paced, high-tech society is set on keeping everyone 'plugged in'.  In addition, quality of sleep has gone down, with the result being more and more people turning to sleeping pills to help them fall asleep and stay asleep.

While there can be many reasons for insomnia and sleep disturbances, everything ranging from hormonal imbalances to full-spectrum light deprivation, there is evidence from published studies over the years that show exposure to electromagnetic fields contribute to insomnia, sleep disturbances, as well as overall poor quality of sleep.

Light sleep where one wakes up frequently, as well as when one is suddenly awoken from a deep sleep and can not fall back asleep, all fall under the category of 'poor quality' sleep.

EMFs from cell phones, computers, TV screens, Smart Meters, WiFi and more can have a negative effect on our nervous systems, keeping us in a state of perpetual 'stress'.

The EMF Watchdog Group ,The Environmental Health Trust, has put out some simple guidelines to improve quality of sleep. Here are those guidelines:
1. Create a Healthy Sleep Space:Do not sleep with your cell phone. Ensure bedrooms are free of all screens and wireless devices. Power off all wireless devices at night in your home so that your nighttime exposure to radiation is reduced. This includes routers, gaming consoles, home cordless phone bases, and mobile phones. Use battery powered alarm clocks, because electric clocks emit high electric fields that also impact melatonin. Need a phone alarm clock? Put the phone on on airplane/flight mode.

2. Keep your Bedroom Dark:Use light-blocking curtains or an eyepatch to keep light out of your eyes at night. If you need access to light in the middle of the night, use  low-illumination night lights—rather than switching on hallway or bathroom lights that would flood your body with melatonin-suppressing light.

3. Start a Healthy Bedtime Routine:Stop using screens at least an hour or two before bedtime. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends an "Electronic Bedtime". Parents can and should set healthy limits on screen time with their teens and children. For example, at a certain time all devices are collected and powered off.

4. Get Light Exposure During the Day:Daytime exposure to light, especially in the morning, can help strengthen circadian rhythms and boost your daytime alertness, resulting in a body better prepared for sleep at night.

5. Reduce Wireless Exposures Whenever Possible:Reduce exposures to wireless radiation by making simple changes at your home, such as using corded ethernet connections for computer internet connections and choosing wires rather than wireless for smaller tech devices like your computer mouse, speakers, and other components. Simple changes to the way you use your cell phone can significantly decrease your exposure throughout the day.


Screens and Sleep

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