Health Concerns Linked to Cell Phone Radiation

The Environmental Health Trust, headed up by Dr. Devra Davis who holds a Doctorate and Master's in Public Health, recently published an FAQ on Cell Phone Radiation.  One of the most common questions people want to know is "what health concerns are linked to cell phone radiation?"

Over the years, various studies have come out linking Cell Phone radiation to brain cancer, increased oxidative stress, altered brain activity, hearing loss, sleep disturbances, reduced fertility, and abnormal brain development in the young.

Experimental Research on Cell Phone Radiation
Dr. Davis attends many international conferences on EMFs and has seen scientific evidence presented by various doctors and researchers.

Brain Damage
According to Dr. Davis:

"Experimental research shows that animals exposed prenatally to cell phone radiation develop more damage to critical parts of the brain involved in thinking and impulse control–the hippocampus and cerebellum. Dr. Hugh Taylor Chief of OB GYN at Yale has shown that pregnant mice exposed to this radiation have offspring with increased hyperactivity, decreased memory and altered brain development."

Oxidative Stress
Out of 100 peer reviewed studies done on Cell Phone radiation and oxidative stress, 93 found that exposure to Cell Phone radiation increased the amount of oxidative stress.Oxidative stress is seen as a marker for the development of cancer as it is an indicator of potential damage to cellular DNA. In addition, oxidative stress contributes to aging of the body, which can lead to a weakening of the body's vital forces, including immunity, which can lead to a host of degenerative conditions.

Digital Dementia
At the Commonwealth Conference in 2013, evidence was presented by Dr. Kaplan that exposure to Cell Phone radiation changes the neural development of the brain.

In sync with Dr. Kaplan's findings, scientists in Korea have recently come upon an epidemic among children they have named Digital Dementia.They have found that children who are heavy users of technology have brains that are underdeveloped on the right side. This underdevelopment shows up as memory loss, attention disorders, lack of eye contact, lack of empathy and lack of ability to show emotions.

Due to these findings on Digital Dementia, the Korean government is facilitating programs aimed at reducing the use of Cell Phones and other wireless technology in hopes of reducing exposure to radiation for the public, with a special emphasis on protecting the young. Children's brains are still developing and are more susceptible to developmental damage. In addition, children's skulls are thinner, therefore their brains are exposed to higher levels of radiation than the brain of an adult.


EHT Cell Phone Radiation FAQs

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