2019 French Health Agency Report on EMF Exposure


The French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (ANSES) recently published a report concerning the link between exposure to low frequency electromagnetic fields and certain health conditions. The report focused on the effects of living near high tension power lines, substations and transformersas well as household appliances.While the report took into consideration the effects of EMF exposure on the general public, there was a special focus on pregnant women and children.


ANSES Recommends Stricter EMF Regulations
ANSES has been funding research on EMF exposure since 2010. Based on their most recent findings, they put out an updated recommendation list for the public. Some of ANSES recommendations for public safety regarding EMFs are as such:

1. Any new schools and hospitals built should not be in close proximity to high-voltage power lines, as their research shows that these high voltage power lines give off high levels of electromagnetic frequencies that cause their inhabitants to be exposed chronically, 24/7, day and night. This type of exposure seems to correlate with higher levels of cancer, sleep disturbances and childhood leukemia.

2. According to ANSES,many people are being exposed to levels above what is considered 'safe' on the job due to industrial machinery. They are asking for tougher regulations regarding occupational EMF exposure for workers. While the report specifies 'industrial machinery', we would add to that environments such as medical facilities, dentist offices, and high-tech offices with in-house servers, etc. While the report focused on the population at large, they specifically pointed out the need to protect pregnant women when on the job from these high EMF environments, as ANSES' report states that studies show a correlation between EMF exposure and miscarriages.

3. ANSES' report also states the there should be requirements by manufacturers to state clearly the amount of electromagnetic frequencies emitted by their machinery. This could very well apply to cars as well as tech.

4. The government of France currently only regulates exposure levels close to transmission lines. ANSES is asking for regulations to be applied to all sources of EMFs that the general public is exposed to on a daily basis.

ANSES' Finds EMFs Public Health Threat

The 2019 ANSES report states that chronic exposure to low frequency electromagnetic fields has been proven in studies to contribute to miscarriages, asthma, obesity, cancer and childhood leukemia.Their research shows many homes have high exposure levels due to close proximity to high tension power lines, transformers and substations. Their research also shows that many household appliances emit EMF levels that are higher then what is considered to be 'safe' when residents are in close proximity to these appliances.

ANSES is calling for stricter regulations on EMF levels, as they feel EMF exposure is a critical issue affecting the public's health, with an emphasis on the health effects EMFs have on children and pregnant women.


ANSES 2019 Report

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