Countries & US Cities Take Action To Halt 5G

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Actions To Halt 5G Begin

The efforts of the FCC to deploy 5G before anyone figures out it hasn't been proven safe is being thwarted in the US by a number of US Cities that are deploying legal actions to thwart its roll out.

New Hampshire has passed a 5G Bill HB 522 which questions why the FCC is ignoring evidence that 5G is dangerous to health.
“Why have 1,000s of peer-reviewed studies, including the recently published U.S. Toxicology Program 16-year $30 million study, that are showing a wide range of statistically significant DNA damage, brain and heart tumors, infertility, and so many other ailments, being ignored by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC)?” and, “Why have more than 220 of the worlds leading scientists signed an appeal to the WHO and the United Nations to protect public health from wireless radiation and nothing has been done?”

US Cities Passing Resolutions Against 5G

Various US Cities are taking action against the roll out of 5G. By placing restrictions on the installment of 5G Small Cells, these cities hope to stop the installation of the Internet of Things within their territory.

  • Petaluma, California, no Small Cell shall be within 500 feet of any residence.
  • Fairfax and Mill Valley California, small cells prohibited in residential zones
  • San Diego County, no small cells located within 1,000 feet of schools, child care centers, hospitals, or churches.
  • Mason, Ohio, No small cells in residential areas or within 100 feet of residential property
  • Burlington, Massachusetts, annual recertification fees for small cells.
  • Baton Rouge, Small cell deployment halted.

Countries Say No To 5G

Switzerland, Netherlands, Russia, Italy and Belgium are amongst the nations taking actions against the roll out of 5G.

Belgium has cited radiation concerns while Italy has stated that 5G causes damage to the body. Russia has refused to allow transmission of any 5G frequencies due to health concerns from the radiation. Netherlands says that radiation research needs to come first, rather than the deployment of 5G. Switzerland is officially halting the roll out of 5G by not allowing any permits to be issued for Small Cells. Switzerland says 5G needs to be proven safe before it will be allowed.


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