Tips To Keep Your Bedroom EMF Safe

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Why Sleep Is So Important
Sleep is the most important time for healing. it is a time for the body to rejuvenate and to repair itself. Disturbed sleep and interruption of sleep can lead to a breakdown in the body over time, as it leads to high levels of stress and to a lack of the body's ability for self-care. During sleep, it is not just the body that cleanses itself, it is also the brain. The brain does this through dreams, some of which we remember, many of which we don't. The brain uses sleep to rid itself of stored emotions that weren't able to be processed during the day. Studies have found we need an average of 8 hours of solid sleep a night. The 8 hours allows for a full cleanse of both the body and the brain.

Why Sleeping In an EMF Field is Not Healthy
Sleeping in an EMF field has been shown to disrupt the body's ability to enter into a deep, REM sleep state. REM stands for rapid eye movement and is the part of sleep thought be the deepest. Sleeping in an EMF field can also block the body's ability to cleanse, as the EMFs keep the body in a state of stress. This state of stress prevents the body from cleansing, as it never fully 'relaxes' into detox; physical or emotional.
Top 10 Tips for an EMF Safe Bedroom
1. Keep all cell phones out of the bedroom. Don't use your cell phone as an alarm clock and don't charge your phone in the bedroom. Move it into another room for overnight charging.
2. Steer clear of wireless/bluetooth alarm clocks. While a wind up clock would be ideal, opt for a simply plug in or battery operated alarm clock without any wireless bells or whistles.
3. Keep tech out of the bedroom whenever possible. If there are technologies you must have in the bedroom, keep them to a minimum and unplug them before going to bed.
4. Avoid keeping the wireless router in the bedroom. Move it to another room if possible.
5. Know what is on the other side of the wall from the bed. If there is an appliance or a technology that can be moved, we recommend moving it. If the appliance or technology can not be moved, we recommend considering moving the bed.
6. Try to avoid having wires run underneath the bed.
6. Be aware of where the electrical outlets are in relation to the head of the bed. If possible, move the bed so the closest outlet is 3-4 feet away.
7. Although warm, avoiding electric blankets helps lessen exposure to EMFs during the night.
8. Plants in the bedroom can help to diminish EMFs by helping to filter the air.
9. Know what is underneath the bedroom. Having the bed over an electric water heater, wireless router or circuit breaker box can disrupt sleep. Do your best to keep the area underneath the bedroom clear.
10. Turning the circuit off to the bedrooms at night is a big commitment, but one that many people do. They report deeper sleep and improved breathing during the night.

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