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10 Facts You Should Know About 5G

10 Facts You Should Know About 5G

Fact 1
5G Small Cells will be placed everywhere in communities; such as on trash cans, street lights, bus stops, utility poles and sides of buildings.

Fact 2
The amount of radiation emitted from 5G Small Cells is not 'small'. The Small Cells functions as cell towers with radiation output similar in strength but of a different frequency.

Fact 3
The FCC has stated there will be 'millions' of these Small Cells installed.

Fact 4
5G will add another layer of electromagnetic radiation to the environment, as it does not replace our current network but adds to it.

Fact 5
Local authority regarding the installation of 5G Small Cells is being overruled.

Fact 6
Wireless Companies have admitted that 5G Small Cells do not need to be placed every 100 feet to transmit, as they can transmit for up to 3000 feet. However, the planned roll out still includes the installation of these 5G Small Cells every 100 feet.

Fact 7
Published studies show cumulative daily radiation exposure is associated with health risks.

Fact 8
According to the 2018 results of the federally funded National Toxicology Program study, radiation is a human carcinogen.

Fact 9
5G Small Cell Antennas near homes will decrease property values up to 20%.

Fact 10
Wireless Companies have informed investors of health risks associated with wireless radiation,but have failed to inform consumers and those whose homes are near Antennas or Towers.


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