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Why Are Lethal Frequencies Used For Wireless Gadgets?

Why Are Lethal Frequencies Used For Wireless Gadgets?

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Stanford Research Center Study
Stanford Research Center in Menlo Park, California conducted a study on radiation back in 1974. The purpose of the study was to determine which frequencies of radiation were most lethal. The researchers exposed 1400 rats to frequencies of radiation between 0.9 to 8 GHz. The rats were divided into four groups and each group was exposed to a different frequency. The frequencies tested were  0.95, 2.45, 4.54, and 7.44 GHz. The rats were exposed to these frequencies at high power density levels between 0.2 W/cm2 to 12 W/cm. Exposure was for between 10 and 300 seconds.

Study Finds Most Lethal Frequencies
Out of the four frequencies tested, the rats exposed to 0.95 and 2.45 GHz frequencies suffered the highest mortality rate.The primary site of damage appeared to be done to the blood vessels of the lungs and respiratory tract. The radiation seemed to increase the permeability of the blood vessels, leading to hemorrhaging.

Household Wireless Gadgets Use Lethal Frequencies
Since that research was conducted in 1974, the use of wireless gadgets has skyrocketed At once only used by military, wireless gadgets such as cell phones are now commonplace. But few realize that the frequencies chosen to power these wireless devices are non other than the frequencies Stanford found to be the most lethal.

Cell phones, microwave ovens, cordless phones and WiFi all operate using these frequencies, although at a much lower density than were used during the 1974 experiment.

Lethal Frequencies Free To Use
Why would the most lethal frequencies be chosen to be used for everyday household wireless gadgets?

Because they do not require a license to operate.

Cell Phone Antennas, Radio Antennas, TV Antennas and Radar use frequencies that require a license from the federal government. The frequencies used to power common, everyday household wireless gadgets are unlicensed, so are free to use.

Unfortunately, they are also the frequencies that have proven to be the most lethal.


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