How Smart Meters Are Causing 'Dirty Electricity'

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What is 'Dirty Electricity'?
Electrical current continually flows through the wiring in the walls in your home. All electrical current creates an electromagnetic field as it travels. This electromagnetic field radiates outward from the wiring at a ninety degree angle and reaches out from the walls into the room. Any spikes of electricity that may happen create what is called Electromagnetic Interference or EMI. This interference is what we call 'Dirty Electricity'.

How Do Smart Meters Cause 'Dirty Electricity'?

Each Smart Meter has a radio frequency transmitter which transmits wireless microwave radiation. This transmitter is responsible for connecting each Smart Meter to the Smart Grid and is what enables your digital data to be wirelessly transmitted back to your Utility Company.

In addition to the radio frequency transmitter, each Smart Meter also has what's called a ‘Switching Mode Power Supply’.  The SMPS, for short, is responsible for 'stepping down' the 240 V alternating current (AC) coming in from the utility pole power lines to the 2-10 V of direct current (DC) that is required to run the Smart Meter's own digital electronics. These digital electronics are responsible for recording your energy usage.

The SMPS emits sharp spikes of electrical bursts each millisecond. This goes on all day and all night, 24/7.

In addition to the RF radiation emitted from the transmitter, the constant pulsing of high frequencies causes constant Electromagnetic Interference, or 'Dirty Electricity', in the home or building in which the Smart Meter is attached. Studies show that 'Dirty Electricity' wreaks havoc on the biological systems of people, animals and plants that come in contact with its field.

'Dirty Electricity' Contributing to Health Complaints
While there is clear evidence that the microwave radiation emitted by Smart Meters poses a severe health risk to those inhabiting the home as well as homes nearby the Meter, many of those who work with and around Smart Meters are beginning to feel that the continual generating of "Dirty Electricity' is also contributing to the myriad of symptoms and the decline in health experienced by so many after a Smart Meter is installed.

Radiation Only Part of the Smart Meter Problem
What is becoming clear, is that the wireless radiation emitted by Smart Meters is only part of the overall problem. The 'Dirty Electricity' generated by Smart Meters can create an unhealthy environment throughout an entire home. While RF radiation levels do drop off with distance from the Smart Meter, 'Dirty Electricity' will pervade an entire home or building which has a Smart Meter installed.


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