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Cancers Up in Teens & Young Adults

Cancers Up in Teens & Young Adults

Editors Note: The following article is from EMF Blues.  Please check them out here.Unexplained Cancers in Young Adults

A young man using his cell phone for hours a day since the age of 8 is diagnosed with brain cancer at age 23. A young woman of 21 is diagnosed with multiple breast cancers which appear directly underneath the antenna of the cell phone she carried in her bra. A 24 year old develops rectal cancer after carrying his cell phone continuously in his pant's back pocket.

Cancer On the Rise in Children & Young Adults

According to the World Health Organization, there has been a 13% increase in childhood cancer across the globe. The United Kingdon has reported an increase in a specific type of malignant brain cancer seen in cell phone users, while other types of brain cancers not associated with cell phone use are on the decline. In the United States, malignant brain tumors have now surpassed leukemia as the number one cause of deaths from cancer in young adults.

Neurosurgeons Blame Cell Phone Radiation21

A growing number of neurosurgeons worldwide say cell phone radiation is to blame for the increase in cancers among the young.  Scientists who were part of the National Toxicology Program in the US, a 25 million dollar study on the effects of cell phone radiation on rats, have concluded from the study's results that there is "clear evidence of cancer" associated with radiation exposure from cell phone use. The rats in the study grew the same type of brain tumors now on the rise amongst the young.

Cell Phone Industry Keeping Studies Hush Hush?
EMF Expert Dr. Devra Davis, Phd (Visiting Professor of Medicine at Hebrew University and Founder of Environmental Health Trust ) had this to say in regards to decades of studies on cell phone radiation:

"In spite of increasing numbers of scientific studies, the cell phone industry has long tried to keep the health hazards of this technology a secret--even going so far as to belittle the World Health Organization in the process."

Dr. Davis feels that the increase in cancers among the young has now shed new light on what scientists have been saying for the last 20 years in regards to cell phone use. Microwave (RF) radiation is a known carcinogen and it is just a matter of time until the WHO changes its classification of RF radiation from "possible carcinogen" to "probable carcinogen".


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