"Generation Zapped"

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WiFi: As Dangerous as Tobacco and Asbestos
According to top Cancer Expert Professor Anthony Miller of Toronto University, Wifi is "as dangerous as tobacco and asbestos". Professor Miller is a well-respected figure in the INT Medical and Science communities. He served as former director of Canada's National Cancer Institute's Epidemiology Unit in addition to having held top positions in both the World Health Organization and the esteemed German Cancer Research Centre.

Professor Miller predicts we will see a cancer epidemic erupt in "Generation Zapped" in the near future and is calling for the immediate banning of Wifi in schools. "Generation Zapped" is the term coined for the generation of children who have lived their entire lives exposed to the low levels of microwave radiation from Wifi, Smart Meters, Cell Phones, etc.

Studies Confirm Cancer Fears
While it is true short-term studies on microwave radiation exposure show no adverse health effects, it is also true that long-term studies do.

Research done in Sweden on long-term use of cell phones showed that people who used cell phones "for ten years or more were twice as likely to develop a malignant brain tumor on the side of the head where they usually held their phones."

After this Swedish research was published, the World Health Organization's INT Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) conducted its own massive study on cell phone radiation exposure that included thousands of people from 13 countries. Their findings confirmed those of the Swedish study.

It was this IARC study that was responsible for getting microwave radiation classified as a Type 2 Carcinogen by the WHO in 2011.

Professor Miller believes that it is time for the WHO to increase its classification on microwave radiation from its current status as a 'probable cancer-causing agent' to a 'known cancer-causing agent'.

If this re-classification does happen, which many prominent researchers and scientists in addition to Professor Miller are pushing for, continuing to expose the most vulnerable portion of our population - children - to these microwave frequencies in schools could very well become a legal matter.

Places Where Wifi in Schools is Banned
Francehas banned Wifi in nursery schools and has banned cell phone use from all schools. Cyprus has banned Wifi in kindergarten classes and only allows its use in the Administrative offices in their junior schools. Frankfurt, the fifth largest city in Germany, hardwired over 80% of its schools over a decade ago.  The Israeli city of Haifa has hardwired its school system so children are able to use tablets and laptops in class without the radiation risks. Ghent in Belgium has banned it in their nursery schools and daycare centers. Spain and Italy have removed Wifi from all of their schools.

Places Where Wifi in Schools is Unrestricted
As of this writing, Great Britain, Canada and the USA have not yet imposed any restrictions on school-wide Wifi. In fact, Great Britain's Health Department addressed the issue by stating that it "sees no reason why Wifi should not continue to be used in schools".

Professor Miller would certainly argue that point, and it seems the research is in alignment with the Professor's view. Professor Miller's expert opinion on the cancer risks involved with schoolwide Wifi is firm. In his own words, "We ignore this at our future peril."


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