'Phonegate' Scandal Revealed

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Cell Phone Radiation Data
The French government began collecting radiation data on mobile phones prior to 2012. The government independently tested over 100 models of mobile phones to determine if the radiation output of these phones were within compliance with French regulatory radiation safety levels.

Data Withheld
The French government finished testing in 2012 but did not release any results from the testing until 2016.  In 2016, a French Governmental Agency akin to the US FDA mentioned some of the analysis in a report, but did not reveal the overall findings from the data.

This prompted French Physician Dr. Marc Arazi to contact the French government to get the actual data. His request was denied. After a court challenge and months of pressure, the French government posted the data on one of their Agency's websites in June of 2017.

Cell Phones Not In Compliance
The data revealed by the French government shows that the vast majority of brand name cell phones are not compliant with France's regulations regarding radiation exposure.

"France released radiation measurements for hundreds of cell phones tested independently by the government of France. When cell phones were tested in positions mimicking an individual holding the phone directly against the body, the radiation levels were so high that most tested phones exceeded European limits, showing radiation levels up to three times higher than the limits!"

How Are These Phones Passing Safety Tests?
The question Dr. Arazi and other physicians and scientists are asking is how did these mobile phones ever get the stamp of approval to be sold to the public when the levels of radiation they emit surpass what France and the rest of Europe consider safe?

Distance Testing
To get mobile phones to be in compliance with current radiation safety levels requires testing the phones at a distance from the test dummy. Phones are tested at distances of 15 mm to 25 mm away from the body of the test dummy. When held at this distance, the radiation levels hitting the body of the test dummy are permissible under current law.

However, if the phone is held in a direct body contact position, such as against the ear, held in the hand, or placed in a pocket, radiation levels hitting the test dummy far exceed what is deemed as safe.

Mobile Phone Recall
Many in France feel these cell phones need to be recalled en masse.By the French government's own standards, they are not considered safe for use by the public. The radiation exposure the average person receives from holding their phone, placing it in a pocket,  or setting it on their leg or chest, is above government safe levels.

International Health Scandal
The French scientists have termed this scandal "Phonegate" due to the fact the tests done on mobile phones appear to be, in their own words, 'rigged'. There seems to be a loophole placed within the testing parameters of cell phones which allow the manufacturer to choose the distance they would like their phones tested at.

"Phones are passing compliance tests but violate radiation limits because the test strategy does not measure use against the body in the way we actually use cell phones."

As any cell phone user knows, the majority of cell phone use involves direct body contact positions.

For any other product on the market, an immediate recall would have been issued. Instead, few even know about "Phonegate", as it has received little press in France and Europe, and almost no press in the United States.


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