Colony Collapse Disorder Caused by EMFs?

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Colony Collapse Disorder became headline news back in 2006 when the amount of bee hives succumbing to collapse increased by 50%. CCD, as its called, is a phenomenon affecting the honey bee and its hive. While it is true there have always been a certain amount of hives that are abandoned by the bees, the almost overnight rise in the amount of CCD is cause for concern. WHO statistics show, between 2006 and 2013, over 10 million bee hives were lost to CCD.

Bees Don't Return to the Hive
During Colony Collapse, the worker bees, who are responsible for pollinating, do not come back to the hive. The queen remains in the hive along with some nurse bees. The food supply of honey and pollen within the hive dries up, without the worker bees returning, and the hive quickly dies. The worker bees outside ot the hive also perish, as they need to return to the hive each evening for food and warmth.

End of Bees = End of Human Race
Albert Einstein is often credited as making a statement linking the survival of the bees to the survival of the human race. The honey bee pollinates 1/3 of the world's crops, making the honey bee responsible for a majority of the world's food supply. More over, the honey bee is the basis for plant growth on the planet, through the act of pollination.

EMFs Cause of CCD?

There has been much speculation on the cause of CCD, but no conclusions have been drawn. There is evidence that pesticides and insecticides used on crops and lawns are harming the health of the bees.However, many scientists and beekeepers will argue that the rise in electromagnetic pollution is the biggest single factor affecting the health of the bees and their hive. There are many studies to back this theory up.

How EMFs Affect the Hive
Countless studies have been done both in the US and abroad on the affects EMFs have on wildlife, including the bees. Studies show that when a hive is exposed to cell phone radiation on a regular basis, the queen lays less eggs and there is a food shortage within the hive. Studies also show that the bees, who navigate using magnetic resonance (as do birds and insects), are disorientated by the wireless radiation emitted by cell towers and become unable to find their way back to the hive, which for a bee equals death.

Low levels of non-thermal radiation, such as is emitted by current wifi, was found to alter the physiology of the bees, making them less active within the hive. Bees exposed to these radiations constructed 21% fewer cells in the hive then the control group.

Another study showed that when hives are exposed to radiation levels such as are emitted by cell towers, the worker piping signal is triggered. This is a signal sent out from bees within the hive to warn of danger.

The Bees and 5G
The high incidence of CCD is no longer in the headlines, but it has not gone away. Now, with the coming of 5G, many fear for the survival of the bees. A recent study looked at the electric field around flowers and determined that the bees 'talk' to the flowers they are going to pollinate through this electric field.

Experts and beekeepers alike worry that the new high frequency 5G waves will make it impossible for the bees to "hear" the flowers.


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