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Cell Towers Damage Your Blood

Cell Towers Damage Your Blood

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Published Journal Study
A 2017 study published in the Journal of Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine has found that living within 300 yards of a cell tower causes damage to blood.The study looked at two groups of people. One group of people all lived within 100 - 300 yards of a cell tower, while the control group lived away from any cell towers.

Biomarkers for Cancer

The test subjects' blood was tested periodically throughout the study. Tests revealed the blood showed signs of damage considered biomarkers for Cancer.

Lowered Glutathione
Glutathione levels were significantly reduced in the blood of the test group. Glutathione is considered a Master Antioxidant whose main job is to allow the liver to keep the blood clean by aiding in the detox of Heavy Metals, Wastes and Toxins. Glutathione is also known to contribute to a healthy immune system. There is also some evidence that Glutathione is necessary for the conversion of T4 to its active version, T3. So, lowered Glutatione levels could contribute to Hypothyroidism.

Austistic children have been found to have lower than normal levels of Glutathione for their age. Cancer patients routinely show lower than normal levels of this Antioxidant as well.

Catalase and SOD Lowered
Bloodwork on test subjects also showed lowered levels of Catalase and Superoxide Dismutase. Catalase and SOD are two of the strongest Antioxidants found in the body. They are both capable of neutralizing free radicals, thereby decreasing the amount of cellular oxidative damage.

Low levels of these Antioxidants correlate with chronic disease states such as Cancer and Alzheimers, as well as contribute to premature aging.

Rise in Lipid Peroxidation
Lipids are a type of fat found in the body.  Without the presence of adequate Antioxidants, free radicals cause damage to these lipids in the form of oxidation. Circulating oxidated fats are dangerous to the body, as they are degraded and unable to function properly. An above average count of oxidized fats were found in the blood of test subjects living close to the cell tower. This rise in lipid peroxidation is considered a biomarker for Cancer.

RF Exposure Causes Oxidative Stress
In conclusion, the study showed that exposure to RF radiation causes the body to oxidize. High levels of oxidative stress are associated with Cancer, chronic disease, as well as premature aging. RF radiation is an electron stealer, thus creating free radicals that damage the body. The body's own Antioxidants are used up trying to neutralize the high levels of free radicals caused by the RF radiation, resulting in the blood showing levels low enough in these Antioxidants to be indicative of disease.

Study RF Levels Below FCC 'Safe' Levels
It is important to note that the test group living close to the tower was exposed to levels of radiofrequency (RF) radiation that fell within the levels considered safe by the FCC.


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