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US Allows Highest Levels of Outdoor Radiation

US Allows Highest Levels of Outdoor Radiation

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Lenient RF Safety Limits in the US
The US allows its citizens to be exposed to higher amounts of outdoor radiofrequency (RF) radiation than most other developed countries, excluding Canada and Australia who share the US's extremely lenient background radiation safety limits.

 The 'outdoor' or 'background' RF radiation being regulated is the radiation that is emitted by cell towers and antennas. While many other countries have greatly limited the amount of traveling RF allowed from the installation of cell towers and antennas, the US sees fit to allow for, in some cases, over a 1000x the outdoor radiation limits as other countries.

Radiation Limits Compared
Here is a comparison of the limits (measured in uW/cm2) placed on the levels of outdoor RF radiation by several countries:
Austria  .001
Liechtenstein  .1
Bulgaria  1
Luxemborg, Belgium, Ukraine  2.4
Switzerland (Schools & Hospitals) 4.25
Switzerland (General Populace)  9.5
China, Russia, Italy, Poland, Paris  10
India, Israel      100
USA, Australia, Canada    1000

How is it possible to have such huge discrepancies in RF safety levels among developed countries?

Thermal Effect of RF
The US, Canada and Australia are extremely liberal with the amount of RF they allow their citizens to be exposed to because they hold to the tenet that radiation is only dangerous when it is at high enough levels to cause thermal heating of tissue.
The problem with this tenet is that it has been proven to be false in countless scientific studies done on RF. Based on a disproved theory, the US has raised its RF exposure limit to a level that many experts feel is putting its citizens' health at risk.

The Bioeffect of RF
The countries who have greatly limited the amounts of outdoor radiation allowed have done so based on studies that have shown radiation well below levels high enough to heat tissue have a bioeffect on the body. This means the radiation affects the biology of the body. The bioeffect of non-thermal radiation has been proven in studies on microwave radiation since the 1940s.
More recently, the 2012 Bioinitiative Report published a study showing negative health effects from exposures as low as .001uW/cm2, well below levels high enough to heat tissue.

Safety Limits Ensure Citizens Are Not Cooked
According to the Environmental Health Trust, an EMF Watchdog Group, compliance with the current FCC RF Safety Limits ensures little more than guaranteeing that US citizens will not be "cooked" from the levels of radiation they are being exposed to each and every day.

EPA: "Don't Worry"
When a Texas parent wrote to the EPA in 2014 concerned about the radiation level safety limits for cell towers, they received this response:

“The standards ….are not intended to address low-intensity (non-thermal), long-term (chronic) exposures. Investigation as to whether there may be effects from exposures too low to cause heating is continuing” and “telecommunication service providers and device manufacturers having little more to tell people except “don’t worry.”


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