Part 1: Practical EMF Clearing Tips

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Clear Your Environment
With the coming of 5G, it is more important then ever to clear EMFs in environments you have control over...such as your home.

The 5G Grid will expose us to high frequency millimeter waves continually. Against the recommendations of experts in the fields of science and medicine, and without any long-term testing, the FCC is going forward with its roll out of 'The Internet of Things'.

Harmonization -  A Practical Approach
Approaching clearing practically will get you and your family the best results. Harmonizing EMFs is a sophisticated approach to clearing.When we harmonize EMFs, we make them more coherent.

The science of Quantum Physics shows that harmonizing EMFs transforms the frequencies into resonances that are no longer stressful to the body but actually beneficial.
Nature has been harmonizing radiations for millions - if not billions - of years through natural materials such as Quartz Crystal, Clays and various Gemstones.

Limit Wireless Technology
When looking to clear a home, the first step is to remove the wireless technology that is not necessary. If you have  cordless phones in the home and you are able to go back to using corded, we recommend doing so. Cordless phones emit microwave radiation that has been shown in studies to be as detrimental to health as cell phone radiation. We recommend going back to a wired internet connection, if that is an option.

Wireless Tech - A Priority for Clearing
However, in many instances, going back to wired connections is not  practical nor even possible. If that is the case, wireless technology in the home should be a priority for clearing, with wireless routers being among the most important item to clear.

Smart Meter Opt-Out
Ideally, Smart Meters should be removed and replaced with traditional Meters. This is not always easy - or even possible - to do. Some states do allow for opting-out, but many states do not. If a Smart Meter is present, it is a top priority for clearing.

Clear the Bedroom
The bedroom is the most important room to keep clear, as sleeping in a stressful electromagnetic field is not conducive to allowing the body to heal and repair during sleep...which is the purpose of sleep.

Bedrooms should be kept as free of technology as possible. Cell phones should not be kept in the bedroom during the night. If you must keep your phone in your bedroom, move it as far away from you bed as is possible, and make sure it is shut completely off.

If you do keep a TV in the bedroom, move it across the room from the bed rather than keeping it at the foot of the bed.
Be aware of what lies on the opposite side of the bedroom wall that your bed is against. If there is a Breaker Box on the opposite side of that wall or a refrigerator, see if you can re-locate the bed to a wall that does not have a large EMF emitter on the opposite side. If that is not possible, any EMF emitter should be cleared.

Be aware of what is directly underneath the bedroom as well. It might be a water heater that cycles on and off during the night, or the wireless router for the home. Move what can be moved and clear what can not be moved.
Shutting off the power to the bedroom at night will produce a deeper, more restful sleep and is beneficial, but is not always practical.

How EMFs Affect Sleep
The brain is electrical.

Deep sleep allows the brain and the subconscious to process information/emotions from the day or from the past. The brain does this by cycling through various wavelengths during the night. We go into Theta during sleep, a slower wavelength, and then into REM, a combination of wavelengths, during which time we dream.

If one is sleeping in a stressful electromagnetic field, the brain will be unable to cycle through the various states of the different wavelengths and sleep will be disturbed,

This is why sleep disturbance is among the top complaint after the installation of a Smart Meter or the moving into a new residence that has Smart Meters. The pulsed radiation from the Smart Meter interrupts our brain's electrical waves.

Stay tuned for Part 2...

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