The History of Electrosensitivity

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As of 2018, Electrosensitivity is acknowledged as a legitimate health syndrome in several European countries.However, the history of Electrosensitivity dates back to World War II and the creation of Radar.

WW II Radar
Radar is a form of wireless radiation located in the Microwave Radiation range within the Electromagnetic Spectrum. It was during World War II that people were first exposed to these radiations.

Microwave Illness
It was the Soviets who began noticing that workers who were exposed to the radiation from the Radar began complaining of health issues. The most common complaints were of headaches, fatigue, loss of appetite, sleepiness, inability to concentrate, loss of memory, skin rashes, emotional instability, blurred vision and irregular heartbeats.

The Soviets also noted that workers exposed to these radiations had a higher percentage of offspring born with birth defects.

The Soviets dubbed these health issues that arose from exposure to Radar 'Microwave Illness' and began to work on taking precautions around exposure.

Western Countries Deny
The West did not follow suit with the Soviets. Regardless of the evidence the Soviets had on this new phenomena they called Microwave Illness, Western nations such as the US continued to deny its existence.

Thermal Effect of Radiation
The US held firm to the belief on microwave radiation that it is only a potential health hazard to the body when the frequencies hitting they body are strong enough to cause the heating of tissue. This is called the Thermal Effect of radiation. As of 2018, over 70 years after the end of World War II and the Soviet's discovery of Microwave Illness, the US still holds to this doctrine.

So, according to the US, if the microwave radiation one is being exposed to is not strong enough to heat tissue the way a microwave oven cooks a hot dog, US regulatory agencies declare the level of microwave radiation exposure to be 'safe' for humans.

Non-Thermal Radiation Health Risk
Since the end of WW II, countless published Journal studies have clearly demonstrated that low levels of wireless radiation (too low to cause tissue heating) can and do damage the organism. These frequencies create a constant stress in the body which leads to a host ot both neurological and immunological symptoms.

Over time, this constant state of low level stress the body is experiencing can manifest in a chronic disease state.Both Cancer and Alzheimers have been linked to long-term exposure to low levels of wireless radiation.

Are You Electrosensitive?

Electrosensitivity is considered to be a Syndrome as there are many varied symptoms associated with its onset. Skin burning and ringing in the ears are among some of the early symptoms experienced by sufferers. Tingling/numbness in the legs, feet and hands can also be an early warning sign. Disturbed sleep as well as headaches and blurred vision can also be associated with Electrosensitivity.

Electrosensitivity seems to be a Catch 22. Once you have become sensitized to the radiation, even small levels of exposure will trigger symptoms.


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