Why Children Are More Vulnerable to Wireless

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Wireless and the Developing Brain
Children are not just little adults. Children are still developing, and science is finding this makes them uniquely vulnerable to the effects of wireless radiation...especially the effects of radiation on their brains.
While mainstream science tells us that the levels of radiation emitted by cell phones and wifi are too weak to biologically affect us, studies abound that prove otherwise.

The Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, Dr. Nora Volkow, states that:

"Even though the radio frequencies that are emitted from current cell phone technologies are very weak they are able to activate the human brain."

New studies are finding that the developing brain of children is impacted more severely than the fully formed brain of adults when exposed to wireless radiation.

Children's Brains Absorb More Radiation
This is a fact that the Telecommunications Industry would like to ignore. While one could argue the validity of any of the so-called 'Radiation Safety Levels' , these 'Safety Levels' apply to the adult body and not to the body of a child.

A child's body absorbs higher amounts of radiation, especially their growing brains.

Children have a higher percentage of stem cells than adults. Stem Cells have been shown to absorb higher amounts of radiation than other cells. This alone makes children much more vulnerable to any amounts of radiation exposure.

Children's brains absorb more radiation due to the fact that:

1. Children have smaller heads with a shorter distance to brain centers.
2. Children's skulls and ears are thinner allowing radiation to penetrate deeper.
3. Children's brains contain more fluid, allowing them to absorb more microwave radiation.

(Microwave radiation heats fluids, which is how a Microwave Oven cooks food. If a child's brain is made up of more fluid, logic would dictate it not only absorbs more radiation but that this radiation has a greater thermal affect on the brain tissue. Thermal heating caused by radiation damages DNA.)

Radiation Exposure Alters Development
The science is showing that during critical periods of development, exposure to wireless radiation can have more severe effects. A child's nervous system and immune system are still developing and, when exposed to microwave radiation, there is evidence that these systems' growth becomes altered.

The human brain does not reach maturity until the early twenties, according to current science. Radiation exposure before brain maturity can result in altered development and impaired function of the brain.

School Wifi  & Learning Disabilities
Studies show that children who are exposed to wifi in schools suffer from more headaches and digestive issues, a well as experience greater fatigue and overall brain fog, than children who are not in wifi schools. 

The radiation from Wifi has been shown to impede brain function in such a way as to make learning more difficult. Children who show signs of a learning disability might actually be suffering from the ill effects of radiation exposure from school-wide wifi.

This is why countless nations have banned wifi from schools. Unfortunately, the US is not among them.


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