5G: Good for Bad Bacteria

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Just when it seemed as though no form of life could benefit from the forthcoming 5G roll-out, studies are showing that is not the case.

There is a group of bacteria that proliferate when exposed to 5G frequencies. Unfortunately, these are not the good type of bacteria that help your body digest its food, these are the type of bacteria that cause you to get sick.

5G Helps E.ColiMultiply
Escherichia Coli  is  a type of bacteria that we hear a lot about. Most of the time, high amounts of E. Coli are associated with food poisoning, infections and, in the rare case, even death.

Although the science does show we naturally carry a small percentage of E. Coli in our guts, the science also shows that if this small percentage of E. Coli is able to rapidly proliferate in the gut, we become ill.

E.Coli Uses 5G to Communicate
Studies have shown that E. Coli bacteria communicate with other E.Coli bacteria using Millimeter Wave frequencies. also known as high frequency waves.

5G frequencies are high frequency Millimeter Waves, so when these 5G MMWs are beamed at E. Coli, they actually work to help enhance the colony's ability to  communicate with one another, increasing their ability to survive and propagate.

While this might be good for the E.Coli colony, it is not good for us.

Beneficial Bacteria vs E.Coli
The key to gut health is maintaining a balance between the good bacteria and the bad. With the increase of chemicals and preservatives in our food supply, along with the introduction of Genetically Modified Organisms into our diets, we are already struggling to maintain our good flora.

With the coming of 5G, maintaining a healthy gut microbiome is going to get even harder.

The 5G Microwave Radiation Grid
The coming 5G roll-out promises to keep all of life within a high frequency, microwave radiation field 24/7. This field will encourage bad bacteria, such as E. Coli, to grow. As one colony of bacteria grows, another diminishes, as bacteria move into territories and begin reproducing - if conditions allow. They are opportunistic.
Although no formal studies have been published to date, logic would dictate that these high frequency Millimeter Waves most likely inhibit the survival of the good bacteria, if only through the mechanism of strengthening the reproductive abilities of the bad bacteria.

In other words, 5G frequencies give the bad bacteria an advantage over the good.

5G Increases Infections
Studies have shown that 5G increases infections as well as makes bad bacteria more resistant to antibiotics.

So, 5G is good for something after all. Pathogenic bacteria.


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