Children Are Not Little Adults

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In today's society, there seems to be an emphasis on making children into 'little adults'. But children are not just smaller people, they are different than an adult because their bodies are not yet fully developed.

Children have less body mass than an adult. Their organs are smaller, their skulls are thinner and they have a much higher amount of stem cells. Stem cells are cells that are made in the bone marrow and are able to develop into any type of cell needed by the body for growth or repair. Science has found that stem cells are among the most sensitive cells to radiation and EMFs.

In addition, children's reproductive systems are not fully matured. There is still growth and development going on in these organs, making them more vulnerable to the effects of radiation.

EMF Safety Levels Not Safe For Children
Seeing that children are not physiologically or biologically simply 'little adults', shouldn't there be specific EMF Safety Levels for children? Well, there's not.

In the world of EMF Safety Levels, it seems that One Size Fits All. Current Safety Levels are based on the amount of radiation absorbed by a 220 pound male adult.

Compare radiation absorption levels of a 220 pound body mass to a 50 pound body mass and you will see that the One Size Fits All approach is not very scientific.

Children Absorb More Radiation
Having smaller body mass and thinner skulls, children absorb greater amounts of radiation into their bodies and brains than an average adult.Reading the fine print in your cell phone User Manual will show that, in order to keep radiation levels in line with current EMF Safety Levels, the phone must be kept at a certain distance from the body. This is how manufacturers of wireless devices are able to legally sell their products, regardless of whether anyone actually heeds the recommended usage protocol.

However, for a small child, this usage distance would have to be doubled or tripled in order to keep radiation absorption levels at what are considered to be 'safe'.

Higher Risk of Cancer
Due to their rapidly dividing cells, children are at a greater risk of developing cancer than adults, whose cells are dividing much more slowly. Every time a cell divides, there is more of a chance for DNA damage to occur from the radiation. There has been an overall increase in the amount of childhood cancer in the past twenty years. Is this increase a direct result of the high levels of radiation children are now exposed to?

WiFi in Schools Super-Strong
WiFi in schools has become the norm over the past several years. The strength of the wireless signal in a school is much more powerful than a residential signal you might have in your home, as it is strong enough to connect hundreds of computers throughout the building on a network wide level. Children are continually exposed to these strong signals for the majority of their week.

New Safety Levels Needed for Children
Although it is not in the interest of the manufacturers of wireless tech, the reality is that there needs to be different Safety Levels for children. While there is evidence that current EMF Safety Levels as they apply to a 220 pound adult are not really 'safe', it is clear that these Levels can not be considered safe for teenagers, pre-teens, tweens and toddlers. Demographics that are among the fastest growing users of wireless tech.


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