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The Science Behind Radiation's Harmful Effects

The Science Behind Radiation's Harmful Effects

Editors Note: The following article is from EMF Blues.  Please check them out here.

Scientific Breakthrough
A recent breakthrough has come in the understanding of how pulsed microwave radiation (the radiation emitted by wifi, cell phones, smart meters, bluetooth, cordless phones, fitbits, etc.) affects our bodies

Cell Membranes Damaged
Cell membranes are the outer lining of the cell. Their job is to keep unwanted toxins, viruses and allergens out of the cell, and to keep much needed nutrients inside the cell.

Pulsed microwave radiation consists of two frequencies. A higher frequency carrier wave and a lower frequency wave that holds the information being transmitted (in the case of a cell phone call, that information is your voice).  The frequencies used in all digital communications are between the 6-6000 Hertz range.
Scientists have found this range of frequency damages the cell membrane.

Calcium Ions Vibrated
Ions are electrically charged molecules. The body, being electrical, is composed of minerals in the form of ions. The range of frequency used in digital communications causes calcium ions in our cell membranes to vibrate. The calcium ions are the glue which hold the membrane of the cell together. When they vibrate,  the cell membrane tears.

Torn Cell Membranes
These torn cell membranes are no longer able to do their job, which results in toxins, allergens, and viruses entering the cells, and much needed nutrients leaving the cells. Not good for the health of the cell.

Tight Junction Barriers Opened
Tight junction barriers are layers of cells that protect the lining of our inner body. Our gastrointestinal tract, the lining inside of our mouths and nose, as well as the blood-brain barrier are all made up of these barriers. The tearing of the cell membranes that happens when cells are exposed to radiation causes these barriers to open.

Allergies, Autism & Alzheimers
These opened barriers leak unwanted material into our cells and result in allergies, asthma and autoimmune disorders. When the blood-brain barrier is opened, autism and Alzheimers can result.

Itchy Eyes, Stuffy Nose & Skin Rashes
Symptoms such as headaches, itchy eyes, stuffy nose, skin rashes and fatigue are all the result of these barriers being opened by radiation exposure.

Radiation = Dangerous
Radiation's penetrating properties into the human body make it a very dangerous tool, even when used for medical purposes such as x-rays.

Pulsed microwave radiation, as is emitted by our favorite gadgets, does effect the inner workings of the body.

Although radiation is invisible and unable to be perceived by most, the body shows how it is being affected by the radiation through the appearance of symptoms.

We call these collection of symptoms Electrosensitivity.  Thanks to some of the brilliant minds in science, we now know the science behind why our bodies show these symptoms...and knowledge is power.


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