What You Need to Know About 5G Microcells

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5G is coming soon. But nobody quite understands completely what that means nor how it will change our environment.

The fifth generation, or 5G, is the latest roll-out in wireless communications. It differs from the previous generations in that is utilizes a shorter wavelength. This shorter wavelength has never been employed for mass use, nor has it been tested for safety.
However, it has been used by Military as a part of their EMF Weapons program. The same frequency as is about to be rolled-out en mass has a history of use for crowd control both in the US Military and China.

5G Heats the Skin, Eyes & Testes
That is because this specific wavelength of frequency has the ability to heat the skin. For crowd control, this frequency is beamed towards the crowd to make it disperse. The people hit directly by the frequency feel as though their skin is on fire and run.
The authorities tell us that the power that will be used in 5G is not strong enough to have this effect. However, scientists tell us the 5G frequencies will still heat the skin as well as the eyes and the testes, just not as dramatically. But, over time, this continual heating can lead to health problems, among one of the biggest concerns being sperm damage.

Mass Installation of Microcells
Being a higher frequency, 5G holds more information yet can not travel as far as the current fourth generation wireless network. This is why the mass installation of 5G Microcells is being put into place.

Microcells are small cell antennas. The antenna itself will be about the size of a smoke detector and will be installed every 15 to 20 feet throughout entire communities.
The plan is to install these Microcells on trash cans, street lights, utility poles, bus stops and sides of buildings. While the antenna itself is small, it comes equipped with a refrigerator sized equipment cabinet weighing hundreds of pounds. These cabinets will be placed every 15-20 feet, as they will accompany each antenna.

Microcells Emit High Levels of Radiation
Apart for the ghastly aesthetic of these Microcells and their refrigerator sized cabinets, the high levels of radiation produced by these Microcells are enough of a concern to prompt scientists worldwide to call for the halt of the roll-out of 5G.

Fiber Optics As A Safe Alternative
There is a much safer alternative to 5G, and that is Fiber Optics. Wired Fiber Optic cables are faster, more reliable and provide greater capacity, as well as being more cyber-secure. Many regions around the world are saying no to 5G Microcells and opting for wired Fiber Optics.


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