iPads & Tablets: As Dangerous as Cell Phones?

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IPads and Tablets emit the same type of microwave radiation as is emitted by cell phones. The radiation is pulsed and is released in bursts that happen about every 4 seconds, or roughly 900 times per hour.

Connecting to the Internet, Even When Offline
IPads and Tablets have several different types of antennas that are placed strategically on the device, usually around the perimeter of the device. Even when a wireless internet connection is not being used, the antenna are still emitting radiation, just at a lower intensity.

The reason for this is something called the 'digital handshake'.

Devices such as iPads and Tablets periodically check-in with the base network to make sure there is still a connection. This means the iPad or Tablet will periodically emit a wireless signal to connect to the closest router, cell tower or hot-spot.

It does this whether you are online or not.

This 'digital handshake' continuously repeats. If the signal strength is lower, the radiation emitted by the iPad or Tablet is higher.

Which is why using shielding materials on wireless devices can end up being counterproductive in terms of EMF protection, as the device will only work harder (emit more radiation) to get a connection.

Fine Print FCC Warning
All iPads and Tablets come with an FCC warning. This is due to the fact that the radiation levels emitted by these devices fall outside of the FCC safe levels unless the devices are kept at a certain distance from the body.

To avoid exceeding FCC standards, early versions of the iPad User Manual stated:

“Orient the device with the cellular antenna (located under the black edge at the top of the device) away from your body…“

Other brands of Tablets advise “avoiding direct contact with the transmitting antenna” and placing “the antenna away from your body.”

Unfortunately, this advice is usually not adhered to by users, especially children, and hence the amount of radiation exposure one receives from using an iPad or Tablet exceeds what is considered to be safe by the FCC.

Turn Off the Antennas
As both iPads and Tablets continuously connect to the closest wireless signal even when not in use, the only way to ensure your device is not transmitting is to turn off all of the individual antennas. How to do this should be included in the User Manual.

iPad and Tablet EMF Tips
Like with laptops, they should not be placed on the lap. If children are using the devices, we recommend turning off the antennas and using a hard wired connection to the internet. 


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